Meet the Hotel Manager: Madhav Sehgal, General Manager at Andaz Delhi

Meet the Hotel Manager: Madhav Sehgal, General Manager at Andaz Delhi

Fiery, powerful and a person with a deep appreciation for all things creative, Madhav Sehgal’s hospitality journey began in 2000. His appetite led him to take on projects in numerous management positions at hotel chains in both Canada and India. Prior to joining Andaz, Madhav’s last project was in the General Manager role at Hyatt Regency Chennai, before holding various executive positions within the brand with properties such as Hyatt Bangalore and Hyatt Regency Delhi.

In addition to being a diligent hotelier, Madhav enjoys spending his free time playing golf or riding his Harley-Davidson. His travel shoes and his experimental taste buds make him excited to travel to both local and global destinations. Meanwhile, his desire for music often helps him relax to classic jazz beats and old school rock music. I spoke to the hotel manager to hear all about his trip.

When did you first become general manager and where?

Hyatt Bangalore in early spring 2013.

What sets Andaz Delhi apart?

It is a Hyatt luxury lifestyle hotel, offering inspiring experiences through the neighborhood’s rich history and culture, helping guests to get to know their surroundings better and feel like a local. The ambiance of the hotel reflects the unique culture of Delhi. Andaz Delhi houses 401 rooms, including 45 suites adjacent to Hyatt Delhi Residences, or Hyatt’s luxury lifestyle apartments. Each room structures one of the exceptional 401 works of art that will make guests fall in love with Delhi.

Andaz Delhi pushes the boundaries of innovative meetings and events with creative, locally inspired spaces that reflect the spirit and ethos of bringing the indigenous neighborhood to the hotel. Breaking the boundaries of traditional meeting spaces, Andaz Studios offer barrier-free spaces with open kitchens that promote collaborative learning and interaction. The pillarless oval ballroom is one of the largest enclosed extravagant wedding venues in Delhi and can accommodate up to 1,500 guests.

The atmosphere of the hotel reflects the unique culture of Delhi

Andaz Delhi keeps up with its sustainability vows and promises and has embraced sustainable glass water bottles, replacing plastic water bottles for the rooms. It is estimated that this change will protect approximately 145 tons of synthetic waste and 435 tons of carbon emissions over the next five years. This is the equivalent amount of energy required to run a 60-watt light bulb for 7,384 years. The hotel is Gold LEED certified and has installed monitoring systems in the rooms to reduce electricity waste, and also uses 100% recycled gray water. To maintain an eco-friendly environment, the hotel uses burlap for packaging amenities in the rooms.

In addition, Andaz Delhi takes its digital innovation a step further to ensure a safe and luxurious stay for guests, with minimal human interaction. Andaz Delhi now offers mobile check-in via the World of Hyatt app or an online check-in option via the web. As the safety of our guests is paramount in Andaz Delhi, we have introduced ‘knock and drop’ and ‘no turndown’ services to restrict access to the 401 rooms.

Andaz Delhi is a pet-friendly hotel that strives to make your (and your pet’s) stay as comfortable as possible. We provide a bed, bowl and food for your pet.

Who is your typical customer?

We serve a mix of business and leisure travelers and serve both the domestic and international markets almost equally.

What challenges have you faced during the pandemic and how did you overcome them?

Being innovative and flexible are the two skills that have enabled us to overcome the pandemic so far. I am proud of the great team at Andaz Delhi and Hyatt Delhi Residences, who have not only gained market share, but have also proven to be resilient and true to our values ​​in these very challenging times.

Andaz Delhi offers guests a safe and luxurious stay

Which Indian cities are your favorites for food, history and fashion?

Lucknow and Chennai are my favorite cities to eat, from the real Tunde kebab to the delicious Sapads of the South. For fashion and history it should be Delhi!

How do you choose your team?

Sure, the ability to do what it takes is a minimum table commitment to be part of the team. More importantly, it is essential to be a genuinely compassionate person with a lot of empathy and integrity. We are not so much looking for perfection as for authenticity.

Any advice for aspiring hoteliers?

Hoteliers are genuinely passionate people who are committed to their cause, not to a job, but to a purpose and the belief to be hospitable, caring and hospitable at all times, even in the midst of a global pandemic. Therefore, my advice is to build resilience, add skills and values ​​that will support you, and above all find a good coach who can guide you during the first days of your journey.

How would you plan a one day trip for guests who want to explore Delhi?

We all love stories. They inspire us, stimulate our imagination or lull us to sleep. Here at Andaz Delhi, we have collected 401 reasons to love this city. ‘401 Reasons to Fall in Love with Delhi’ is Andaz Delhi’s tribute to this inspiring city, from its preeminent iconic monuments to the overlooked rituals and lesser-known places that leave even locals wistful. Each room has a distinctive piece of art that is a pictorial version of one of the book’s 401 reasons.

Navigating the amiable city of Delhi’s myriad twists and turns can be a challenge, so the book has identified 12 different categories to make exploring a little easier depending on the guests’ particular interests. Categories include: Delhi’s Building Heritage, Taste of Delhi, Creative Delhi, Delhi Celebrations, Cultural Delhi, Sporting Delhi, Delhi Shops, New Delhi Architecture, Delhi Devotion, Delhi on the Move, Natural Delhi and Iconic Delhi. Because Andaz Delhi is all about immersing yourself in the local culture, we do this by letting guests experience our curated Delhi Hero Experiences.

They made us fall in love with Delhi, and we hope you will too.

The award-winning AnnaMaya . dining room

What do you think is the USP of the gastronomic offer in your hotel?

You will be amazed at the choice with its countless superlative eateries to choose from. The award-winning 24/7 food hall AnnaMaya is known for its always local philosophy, ‘Eat mindful. Shop artisan. Creating awareness’. All his dishes emphasize local ingredients; Soul Pantry emphasizes nutritious flatbreads made with homegrown grains, while Juniper Bar offers a range of 35 gin and tonic distillations handcrafted by mixologists.

What’s that one dish that brings repeat customers to Andaz and why?

AnnaMaya is a place that serves food and offers thought-provoking artisan products and items for sale. The dining hall shadows the ‘Made in India’ mindset, as all products used must be made in India, have a common driving story behind the commercial implementation, and their existing business model must be socially relevant to societies and their individual backgrounds in India. Our ‘Eat consciously. Shop artisan. Raising awareness’ stance, with an emphasis on continuously using homegrown products, is what encourages our guests to visit us again.

What are the new measures for the COVID-19 protocol?

Directed by our determination of care and experience in providing first-class hospitality for more than 60 years, Hyatt’s Global Care & Cleanliness Commitment builds on our prevailing demanding safety and cleanliness protocols.

To protect our visitors and teams, we are proud to broadcast our GBAC STAR approval for eruption prevention and response. Led by GBAC, a division of ISSA, the universal spring cleaning industry association, Andaz Delhi has applied the strictest cleaning, disinfection and infectious disease prevention etiquette in its facility/facilities. The program confirms that Andaz Delhi is conducting the best exercises to prepare for, combat and recover from outbreaks and pandemics.

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