Man involved in Alva Beach stabbing deaths apologized for testifying

Man involved in Alva Beach stabbing deaths apologized for testifying

A man involved in the stabbing deaths of two men on Alva Beach, south of Townsville, will be excused from testifying in any form during the coronary investigation into the deaths.

Deputy Secretary of State Jane Bentley indicated on the basis that Dean Webber would not be able to present reliable evidence if he were to appear in court and be questioned and that he would likely suffer serious psychiatric injury.

Thomas Davy, 27, and Corey Christensen, 37, died after breaking into Dean Webber’s home on Alva Beach, south of Townsville, in October 2018. Both men were found dead with stab wounds at the scene.

They were looking for Mr Davy’s girlfriend, Candice Locke, who was hiding in the 19 – year – old’s home.

No one was charged with the incident, as police decision Mr Webber acted in self-defense.

North Queensland man Corey Christensen, 37 (left) and NSW man Tom Davy, 27, were fatally stabbed on October 1, 2018, after storming an Alva Beach home.(

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Sir. Webber’s treating psychiatrist said his patient suffered from severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and was unable to discuss aspects of the incident without severe decompensation and risk of re-traumatization.

“Exposing Mr Webber to cross-examination is extremely dangerous from a psychiatric point of view,” the psychiatrist said.

“During cross-examination, he would almost certainly separate or emotionally decompense and not remember an exact memory.”

At the conclusion of the investigation into Cairns last year, Bentley said Webber should present evidence in writing.

But the families of Mr Christensen and Mr Davy – who wanted Mr Webber to testify orally – asked the Supreme Court for a judicial review of the decision, which was dismissed in March.

Mrs Bentley again sent instructions to Mr Webber to provide written evidence, but Mr Davy’s family lawyer asked Mr Webber to be tested by a psychiatrist appointed by the court.

Sir. Webber’s psychiatrist said his patient was in a very fragile stage of his progression and that his trauma could easily worsen.

Mrs Bentley said she took into account Mr Webber’s review with police and gave an interview shortly after the incident.

She has ordered relevant parties to submit written submissions by August 6 with no date to be set for the results.


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