Live Updates: Election Day 2021 is here!

Polling stations are open, and New Yorkers are voting for the city’s next mayor, a contest that comes down to Eric Adams and Curtis Sliwa, though you will find other candidates on your ballot. Also on your ballot: city presidents, attorney general, inspector, Manhattan and Brooklyn DAs, judges, council members, five ballots and more.

If you have a problem with the vote, you can contact the Public Prosecutor’s Office:

You can also tell us about your experience – send us an email at [email protected] (subject line: ELECTION DAY 2021).



This morning, both Eric Adams and Curtis Sliwa showed up at the polls with personal belongings in tow – Adams brought a picture of his mother, who died in March. And Sliwa allegedly tried to bring one of his cats into the polling station, which was not allowed. He was also told that he could not wear his jacket, which has his name on it and could qualify as an election campaign. Eventually, Sliwa was allowed to wear her jacket; The city’s election board BOE has not yet answered a question as to why the jacket was allowed.


Tonight we are at Eric Adams and Curtis Sliwa’s respective election night parties and will update with results as we get them. You can also tune in to WNYC, where Brian Lehrer will host an election night special at. 20.00

When do we know a winner? Aside from any surprises, we know the results tonight – there will still be outstanding absentee ballots, so the results will be unofficial, but the winners will be announced.

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