Lawyer and author Natashia Deón dives into LA’s troubled history with ‘The Perishing’ – Daily Bulletin

In addition to being a writer, Natashia Deón is a practicing criminal defense attorney, and she suspects her legal career may affect the social justice issues that permeate her books, including “The Perishing,” due out Nov. 9. Deón says lawyers are witnesses to abundance in the courtroom.

“You also see the story of our nation, our city, of people who led them to those moments, those bad judgmental moments,” she says, “or even the judgments that lead us to be a perfect victim for someone. “

Deón was born and raised in Los Angeles, but it was not the intention of the Santa Clarita-based author to write a book about his hometown. “It just occurred to me that it was going to be about LA,” she says in a recent phone call, “and exploring the different ways LA has changed and grown, even from the time I was young, in ’80. ‘s and ran around. LA, and what it looks like today. “

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