La Palma Volcano, Live Updates Today: Eruption, Tsunami Warning and Latest News | Canary Islands


– Volcano now into its seventh week activity, which began on September 19th

– Armed forces laid a wreath for La Palma dead on All Saints’ Day (Monday)

– Spanish officials confirm above 2,500 buildings in La Palma have been destroyed

Spanish government to give an additional € 70 million among its support measures

New lava flows into previously formed ‘lava tunnels’

– Concerns about La Palma air quality after the collapse of the main cone

– Over 35,000 earthquakes and tremors recorded in La Palma over the past month

Useful information

– Volcanologist talks to AS about the effects of lava reaching the sea

– An overview of the active volcanoes in the Canary Islands

– When was the last volcanic eruption in the Canary Islands?

Cumbre Vieja outbreak: live video

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