LA City Council members are proposing dozens of changes to the redistribution map

The Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday took the first step toward recasting a controversial map of the city’s political boundaries, with council members drafting 38 proposals to recast the plan submitted by a citizens’ commission.

Some of the proposals are smaller, such as one to ensure that Little Ethiopia is located in a single municipal district. Others are far more pervasive, raising the possibility that large parts of the redistribution commission’s draft card could be discarded and replaced.

Council President Nury Martinez, a critic of the commission’s work, called on city officials to draw up an alternative redistribution map, a map that relies heavily on a proposal presented last month by a Latin American working group. Under her proposal, the work card would serve as a template for several districts in the San Fernando Valley, including her own.

The work card urges Martinez to reclaim important parts of his district, including the Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area and the Lake Balboa neighborhood. It would also keep a large portion of the East Valley district intact represented by Councilor Paul Krekorian, who has faced the possibility of representing an area that is 100% new to him.

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