Killer wrote ‘it was me’ in nail polish on her boyfriend’s body after murdering her

A killer wrote ‘it was me’ with red nail polish on his girlfriend’s body after stabbing her to death.

Daniel Grant Smith, 41, had been in a ‘toxic’ relationship with Imogen Bohajczuk before the killing, reports the Manchester Evening News.

After stabbing Mrs. Bohajczuk, he laid her body on a bed and put a bottle of perfume in her hand before scraping a cold confession on her right leg.

He then took her bank card and blew up the entire balance on booze, leaving her body in the bedroom for two weeks.

Manchester Crown Court heard the couple’s relationship was marked by alcohol abuse and violence.

After a discussion in February this year, Smith attacked her in a ‘brutal and wild’ way.

It took two weeks before Mrs Bohajczuk’s body was found

First he hit her and then stabbed her with a kitchen knife – at least two of the wounds penetrated the bone.

Smith of Oldham then moved her body to the bedroom, placed her on the bed next to a soft toy, and placed a bottle of perfume in her hand before hitting the words, “It was me” in red nail polish on her right side. leg.

Smith then left his body for two weeks, took his bank card and cell phone, and blew up his entire bank account on alcohol.

Only two weeks later, after a welfare check from the charity supporting Mrs Bohajczuk, was she discovered.

After pleading guilty to murder at a previous hearing, Smith was jailed for life – to serve a minimum term of 17 and a half years.

The victim's body was 'arranged as if she were a play'
The victim’s body was ‘arranged as if she were a play’

Prosecutors told Tim Storrie QC in court that Mrs. Bohajczuk, 29, lived in an apartment on Ashton Road, which was backed by the charity Nacro.

She was a ‘vulnerable woman’ who had a history of being the target of domestic violence.

In late 2020, she entered into a relationship with Smith, was loyal to him and said the couple intended to marry, but told her support staff member that she stayed with Smith despite him “pulling her out” down”.

It was the same support worker who called for welfare on March 4th.

There, they discovered Mrs. Bohajczuk’s body, and a police investigation was launched.

Mrs. Bohajczuk had a history of being the target of domestic violence
Mrs. Bohajczuk had a history of being the target of domestic violence

Two weeks before February 15, there had been an ‘instance of violence’ between Smith and Gregory Johnson, a former girlfriend of Mrs Bohajczuk.

“By February 18, further contact between Imogen and Johnson included revelations from her that she remained a victim of physical abuse and that she believed she could be killed,” Storrie QC said.

“Smith was present in Imogen’s apartment most of the day.

She sent messages in the afternoon to Johnson that read, ‘Get him out of my house’ and ‘I thought I was going to die. . . He strangled me so much that I almost died, and then he got a knife. ”

Kl. 17:00 Mrs Bohajczuk called the police twice, on the second call she said that Smith had left his house and that she would not let him come back because he had ‘grabbed her neck’.

She then sent a message to Mr Johnson on WhatsApp and sent him pictures of the injuries she had before asking her to go to the police. There was no response to his last message.

The court heard that Smith then used Mrs. Bohajczuk’s phone as his own for the next few days before activating it with a new SIM card.

Just after kl. 16 on February 19, he used her bank card at a local newsstand and then again at a gas station.

“When he was arrested, he was found in possession of the card itself,” the prosecutor continued.

“At that time, there had been 38 transactions on the card. The account had been emptied and was overdrawn by £ 400. ”

When officers entered Mrs Bohayczuk’s house, they found a ‘gloomy scene’, the court heard.

“Imogen Bohayczuk was laid on her bed, her body arranged as if she were a play,” Mr Storrie continued.

“Her arms were crossed and she seemed to catch a bottle of perfume. A stuffed animal was at her neck.

“There had been rudimentary attempts to clean up the scene.

“Her legs were crossed at the ankle, and on examination it was discovered that her body had been immersed in nail polish with the words ‘It was me’.

“Chillingly an exhibition had been made of her body.”

In a statement, Mrs Bohajczuk’s mother spoke about her ‘intelligent, kind, caring, beautiful, full of life and ambitious’ daughter.

She said: “Her little boy will never know the power of her hug or giggle uncontrollably after sharing a moment together.

“They never share the story of bedtime, holidays, trips to see Santa Claus, trips to the zoo or the magic of Christmas morning.

“As parents, our instincts are to protect and support our children, but where do you begin to comfort our remaining children through this situation?”

Smith is said to have convictions for 29 offenses, including battery, burglary and kidnapping.

Mitigatingly, his defense attorney Benjamin Knight said his client suffered from alcohol dependence syndrome and mental health issues.

“His actions were chaotic,” he said.

“He got instant remorse, he explains why he moved her body. In short, he described that it was what he felt was right.

“It was her favorite bottle of perfume and her favorite toy – it was the realization of what he had done, not to create a spectacle.”

He added that after her death in the wake, he drank too much and ‘needed the alcohol’.

The verdict said Judge Patrick Field QC: “When her body was found on March 4, it soon became clear that she met her death after a brutal and violent attack.

“On her right leg you had washed the words” It was me “in red nail polish.

This macabre graffiti is said to be a kind of confession of yours; a sign to the police that you were responsible for the killing.

“I completely reject this view. If you had wanted to make it clear to the police what you had done, you could have gone to them and told them.

“This act is like an act of harsh and cruel triumphalism.

“There was cruelty here because you desecrated the body of the woman you had just killed to proclaim what you had just done.”

Smith of Ashton Road was jailed for life and will serve at least 17 and a half years less the 143 days spent in custody.


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