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Kelly Clarkson has won another round in her legal battle against ex-husband Brandon Blackstock — yes, divorce cases are still ongoing. In recent news, the judge has once again upheld their marriage contract and declared the ranch in Montana, where Blackstock resides, Clarkson’s property.

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It puts a big wrench in the former music director’s plans to become a full-time rancher (remember, he has no clients after Blake Shelton dropped him) and live off the land. Blackstock tried to claim the home as “marital property” per. TMZ, but Clarkson officially has the law on her side about who the rightful owner is (and she’s also the only name on the lap). The ranch is very well known to the viewers of Kelly Clarkson Show because the couple quarantines together there in the early days of the pandemic. Now it’s a piece of her marital history that she would like to get rid of.

To operate and maintain the property, it costs up to $ 81,000 a month, and TMZ sources say Clarkson will sell it, but Blackstock will not leave. And because that essentially makes him a squatter on her property, she may have to take further legal steps to remove him. We hate to say it, but he sounds like a greedy child at this point, and we do not blame The voice judge for having to make such big moves.

And let’s face it, this split has been messy and Clarkson is ready to move on. With her recently released Christmas single, “Christmas Isn’t Canceled (Just You)”, she channeled her frustrations and emotions into her music. And we think that’s the best way to move forward – Clarkson gets the last word through his lyrics.

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