Katie Hopkins compares Australia’s Covid lockdowns to being in jail

Katie Hopkins has blasted Australia’s handling of the pandemic against her big international supporter, declaring “Australians need to be liberated”.

The controversial British media personality was deported on Tuesday after her behavior in hotel quarantine in Sydney, which involved bragging on social media about mocking hotel guards by answering the door naked without wearing a mask.

Home Secretary Karen Andrews said Hopkins’ visa – which she obtained after signing Channel 7’s Big Brother VIP – was canceled Monday night and she was forced to fly back to the UK on Tuesday.

She was also dumped from the reality TV series before the movie.

The 46-year-old right-wing extremist commentator has since targeted leaders for throwing states into lockdown, specifically mentioning the recent shutdown in South Australia after five cases of local Covid-19 transmission.

Hopkins wrote a news article about the shutdown on his Instagram page, writing: “SOUTH AUSTRALIANS. Crucified. Over 5 cases. 5 CASES! ”Hopkins began.

Residents imprisoned in their own homes. Exercise should be within 2.5 kilometers of the home and only for 90 minutes. ”

Hopkins then posted a screenshot of a comment left by a South Australian resident on his page, in which user ‘debraswan22’ wrote: “Thank you for coming to Australia Katie and trying to highlight the absurdity of these measures. You give us all hope and encouragement to speak our minds and hold on to our weapons. Thank you for being our voice. ”

In response, Hopkins declared, “I will not give up. I will not return. I will not apologize. Australians must be released. #FreeAustralia. ”

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The posts have received thousands of comments, including from Australians thanking Hopkins for speaking out.

Hopkins has gone so far as to create a “highlights” section on her Instagram page that allows her Instagram stories to be seen permanently with the title “OZ IMPRISONED”.

Hopkins arrived in Australia the week before on a “critical skills” visa and was reported to be in the next season of the Channel 7 reality series.

But she quickly attracted criticism for her hotel quarantine, comparing Covid-19 to the flu, comparing migrants to cockroaches, and saying people with dementia should not block hospital beds.

The Secretary of the Interior issued a statement earlier this week saying Hopkins’ behavior was “contemptible”.

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“It is despicable for anyone to behave in such a way as to endanger our health officials and society,” Andrews said.

Hopkins was also fined $ 1,000 by NSW Police for not wearing a mask on Sunday.

“NSW Police assisted the Australian Border Force with the transfer of the woman to Sydney International Airport (Monday 19 July 2021) following the cancellation of her visa with departure to the United Kingdom,” a statement said.


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