Kabul: At least 16 injured in hospital bombings

It was unclear whether there were casualties in the explosions at Daoud Khan Military Hospital, a teaching facility near the diplomatic district of the Afghan capital. Taliban officials said special forces have arrived at the scene.

A doctor treating incoming patients at the nearby Wazir Akbar Khan civilian hospital said seven injured people had come in so far. All were men, two of whom were in critical condition, he said. He said he did not know if the patients from the nearby military hospital affected by the explosions were visitors, medical staff or patients.

In addition, the humanitarian NGO “Emergency” tweeted that nine wounded were being taken to its hospital in Kabul.

Daoud Khan Military Hospital has previously been attacked. In 2011, suicide bombers linked to the Taliban blew themselves up inside the facility, killing six people and injuring 26 others.
In 2017, gunmen disguised as medical personnel stormed the hospital, killing at least 30 people during a six-hour siege that ended when Afghan security forces killed the attackers. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.

Afghanistan has been involved in crisis since the hardline Islamist Taliban movement drove the Western-backed government out in August. Billions of dollars in aid were halted, and the international community has warned that the country would soon collapse into chaos.

On Friday, three guests were shot and killed at a wedding reception in eastern Afghanistan, apparently because music was being played.

This is a development story. More to follow.


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