Jordan Chiles’ mother, Gina Chiles, gets jail time suspended so she can attend the Olympics

Gymnast Jordan Chiles will represent TEAM USA at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics with her mother Gina Chiles there to support her. Her mother would report to the prison on July 27 for embezzlement.

According to the sentencing documents, Chiles abused and stole more than $1 million from its customers over four years.

Despite her 366-day jail sentence for wire transfer fraud, the elder Chiles successfully got her request approved by the US District Court in Oregon for a 30-day reprieve to allow her to support her daughter in the Olympics.

Due to the delay, her official prison date will begin on August 26. CBS 42 Birmingham reported.


Gina ran a commercial property management company called Inspire Vision Property Management LLC. Between 2014 and 2018, she devised and planned to devise a material scheme to defraud customers of Inspire Vision and obtain money and property through materially false and fraudulent pretenses, statements and promises,” according to multiple court files by the firm. of the US Attorney.

Federal court papers show three victims of Gina’s property settlement, including Karla Pearlstein, who lost $945,000 after renting the Victorian Belle Mansion in Portland as a wedding venue.

“[Gina] spent most of its ill-gotten gains supporting its businesses; it was far from the only way she spent the money. She traveled extensively — often dodging concerned customer calls by claiming she was on her way — and spent at least $300,000 on personal expenses,” The OC Register reported.

“Those include spending in excess of $53,000 in retail and personal services, $166,000 in investments in her children’s businesses, and nearly $40,000 in untraceable out-of-pocket expenses.

Gina agreed to the plea deal in March 2020 and was convicted last November, the OC register reported. According to court documents, Gina must also pay more than $1.2 million in restitution.

Originally, Gina could have spent up to 20 years in federal prison, but by pleading guilty to one charge of wire fraud, her jail term was reduced to a year or so.

The delay was made possible thanks to Gina’s lawyers, who asked the court to “allow Ms Chiles to support her daughter during the Olympics and for some time afterward,” the filing reported Tuesday. “This would at least give Ms Chiles’ daughter some extra time to receive her mother’s emotional support and guidance during such a monumental time in her young life.”

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