Johns Hopkins Doctor Shreds Latest COVID Madness Peddled by CDC and Fauci by Matt Vespa

Fear is contagious. It’s almost as bad as the Delta variant. Again, is the new variant more transferable? Yes. Is it deadly? No. Does it make you sicker? No. Are they primarily affected by the non-vaccinated? Definitely. So when you want to increase vaccination rates, the government did what it did best: screw things up. Fully vaccinated people now have to wear masks in large cases. What constitutes a highly contagious area? Well, that’s not clear yet, but I’m sure the CDC and Dr. Anthony Fauci poses some science fiction to justify this new mask mandate. The mandates are coming too. Non-nationwide, Biden is unable to do so yet due to the intervening periods, but federal agencies impose it one on one mandate for workers who risk losing wages or their jobs if they refuse.

Get vaccinated, but also continue to live in fear. Yes, no wonder why the hesitation is through the roof. All this feature is to get the vaccine-hesitant to dig further and give anti-waxers all the ammunition they need to remove the credibility of the vaccines. You can not be angry at the latter group when those who want us to be vaccinated offer all the ammunition to shoot that story down or at least question it – strongly.

Take a break from being angry and read what Johns Hopkins doctor Dr. Marty Makary wrote about new studies on natural immunity, as if ignored by Fauci and the firm. He also laundered an old Fauci statistic that strips the current push for new mask protocols and possible locking (via WSJ) [emphasis mine]:

The news of the US Covid pandemic is even better than you’re heard. About 80% to 85% of American adults are immune to the virus: More than 64% have received at least one vaccine dose, and of those who do not have approx. half natural immunity to previous infection. There is ample scientific evidence that natural immunity is effective and sustainable, and public health leaders should be aware of this.

Only about 10% of Americans have confirmed positive Covid tests, but four to six times as many have probably had the infection. A February study in Nature used antibody screenings in late summer 2020 to estimate that there had been seven times as many actual cases as confirmed cases. A similar study by the University of Albany and the New York State Department of Health revealed that 23% of the city’s population had antibodies by the end of March 2020 – the first month of the New York pandemic. This share necessarily increased as the pandemic spread.


Natural immunity is durable. Researchers from Washington University in St. Louis reported last month that 11 months after a mild infection, immune cells were still able to produce protective antibodies. The authors concluded that previous Covid infection induces a “robust” and “long-lasting humoral immune response,” leading some researchers to suggest that natural immunity is likely to be lifelong. Because infection began months earlier than vaccination, we have more follow-up data on the duration of natural immunity than on vaccinated immunity.


Skeptics of natural immunity point to Manaus, the capital of the Brazilian state of Amazonas, where reports in January suggested a wave of reinfections despite herd immunity. But the initial estimate of those infected was incorrect because it was based on antibody testing among those who donated convalescent plasma – a non-representative subgroup of the population. A follow-up study revealed the hypothesis of reinfection and found only three confirmed reinfections in the entire state, whose population exceeds four million. Other studies have confirmed that reinfections are rare and usually asymptomatic or mild.

Some health officials warn of possible variants that are resistant to natural immunity. However, none of the hundreds of variants observed so far have escaped either natural or vaccinated immunity with the three vaccines approved in the United States.

Should the previously infected be vaccinated? My clinical advice for healthy patients with natural immunity is that a shot is sufficient and may not even be necessary, although it may increase the long-term shelf life of immunity. A University of Pennsylvania study of people previously infected with Covid showed that a single dose of vaccine elicited a strong immune response with no increase in response after another dose. A separate study from the New York Mount Sinai School of Medicine concluded that “the antibody response to the first vaccine dose in individuals with pre-existing immunity is equal to or even exceeds the titers found in naive” – never infected – “individuals after the second dose. ”


Dr. Fauci said on August 13 that when you have fewer than 10 cases per. 100,000, “you must be able to open yourself safely and clearly.” The United States reached this point in mid-May. It’s time to stop the fear killer and level with the public about the incredible capabilities of both modern medical research and the human body’s immune system.

It’s a breath of fresh air, right? Unfortunately, Dr. Makary on most networks in favor of pro-lockdown and pandemonium ‘experts’ throwing an agenda where we may never be allowed to go outside again. This is the price of ‘COVID ZERO’ access. Anything can get you, so … just stay inside, which ironically is where this virus thrives. Most cases are from household distribution, not gyms, restaurants, bars, hair salons or barbershops. For those who have recovered from COVID, Makary said his “clinical advice for healthy patients with natural immunity is that a shot is sufficient and may not even be necessary, even though it may increase the long-term shelf life of immunity.”

I was vaccinated after recovery. It was my choice, but the one vaccinated along with those who have recovered from the virus, which is in the tens of thousands of millions, should be considered. It is not. the vaccines work against the variants, just like people who have acquired natural immunity to it. Both are effective.

If the government wants to increase vaccination rates, all attention should be focused on correct science-based message to convince the unvaccinated. You can not do that when you a) fear, b) shame and c) give conflicting advice. The vaccinated should be seen as an example of what awaits, which is a return to normalcy. Get the shot, but still mask yourself and stay in the bunker, giving no incentive to them on the fence. It does not take a scientist to know why the vaccination rate has stalled. It is the experts’ continued lack of communication about the vaccine properly when they decided to become political. The job reports are bad. Inflation is rising. No major bill seems ready for passage from the Biden administration, so push the panic over Delta to keep the nation’s attention away from a presidency that is pretty brain dead.


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