Impact Wrestling Slammiversary Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction, Highlights | Bleaching report

Impact Wrestling Slammiversary Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction, Highlights |  Bleaching report

Credit: Impact Wrestling

Sami Callihan was the hero Impact Wrestling never knew it was necessary Saturday night when he went up on the plate to challenge Kenny Omega for the world championship in a No Disqualification match.

The drawing struck early and delivered an arrow driver to a close proximity before producing a pizza cutter and cutting into the world champion’s forehead. He tore up Omega’s forehead and delivered a Death Valley Driver. Omega wisely rolled down on the floor.

Omega struggled out of a pool test and sent Callihan first into a steel chair backed between the ropes. The champion followed up by using Callihan’s fork against him, driving it into his forehead and the bloody challenger. He stomped a table double into Sami as he continued his attack.

Omega set himself up for an arrow driver through a table, but the challenger grabbed him low and delivered one of his own. Callihan produced a barbed wire wrapped chair, but Omega delivered a power bomb on the weapon and came with a V-Trigger, but could not put him away. A superplex on a composition of weapons failed to place Callihan away.

Blinded by salt thrown in his eyes, Callihan delivered an arrow driver to the referee. Chris Sabin and Eddie Edwards fought for The Good Brothers and prevented them from interfering on behalf of Omega. Don Callis did, however, allowing Omega to pull V-Triggers in a row, assisted with thumbtacks.

The One-Winged Angel on thumbtacks put The Draw away as Omega successfully retained its title.

After the fight, Omega and The Good Brothers looked to throw up a “To Sweet” as “Switchblade” Jay White of New Japan Pro-Wrestling took to the ring. The NEVER Openweight champion entered the ring and denied the gesture from The Elite as a feed-per-view feed cut.


Omega defeated Callihan to preserve


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First things first: the fight ruled. Omega and Callihan had a violent, bloody Match of the Year candidate that put both men’s gut strength on full screen. Omega looks like a total badass to overcome what he did, but retains his heel warmth because he still had to rely on Don Callis to help him.

Callihan looked just like Omega’s straight and did not have to worry about losing momentum going forward. He is still very clearly one of the biggest stars in Impact and a cornerstone on which the company will be built in the foreseeable future.

The big news is the arrival of “Switchblade” Jay White, the leader of the same Bullet Club from which Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers came. The way he looked at Omega’s collection of title belts at the top of the ramp before going to the ring and denying the winners one too sweet was enough to let wrestling fans tear.

That the official announcement of Bound For Glory to Las Vegas on October 23 contained a tease for some All Elite Wrestling / AAA / New Japan Pro-Wrestling / Impact mega event suggests that we may be seeing a war for dominance between The Elite and The Bullet Club, if Saturday’s teasing is an indication.

The Forbidden Door is wide open, and fans are witnessing cohesive partnerships between campaigns that we have not seen since the glory days of the National Wrestling Alliance. This is a special time in wrestling and we are all lucky enough to witness it.

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