iCloud for Windows finally lets you manage your passwords


If there’s one feature that anyone using a Windows PC and an iPhone is looking for, it’s the ability to enter their passwords. iCloud for Windows. We will, version 12.5 of iCloud finally adds a proper password manager, making a much more complete and functional app.

iCloud’s New Windows Password Manager

There are plenty of great ones cross-platform password managers out there to choose from, but if you prefer to use iCloud to keep track of your credentials for different websites, this iCloud update will make you very happy.

Basically, iCloud’s password manager allows you to browse and search your saved passwords, change them, add new ones, and delete the passwords you no longer need. Just about anything you could do with a service like LastPass or 1Password is available in iCloud’s password manager on Windows.

If you’re someone who jumps between Windows, Mac, and iPhone, this is a major change, as keeping your passwords on track makes a much smoother process without having to spend money on a third-party service.

How to use the new iCloud password manager?

There is a separate app that you will use to manage your passwords called iCloud passwords. Once you’ve updated iCloud for Windows to version 12.5, you’ll need to use the iCloud passwords app to get in there and manage everything.

If you want to see a complete overview of using iCloud passwords, Apple has a detailed support document show you everything you need to know.

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