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I wish Akhanda became Akhandamaina Hit: Bunny

Nandamuri Balakrishna and Boyapati Srinus Akhanda’s major pre-release event was held today, with Allu Arjun and SS Rajamouli adorning the apartment as main guests. The event also saw few other guests.

SS Rajamouli said: “From December 2, all theaters will see domestic billboards. The film will bring happiness to the people of Telugus in the AP, TS and worldwide. Balayya Babu is an atomic bomb and Boyapati Srinu knows how to use this I know that what we saw in promotional content is only a small thing, as there will be a lot more to see in the theaters. “I wish Akhanda would be a big hit and bring new energy to the industry.”

Thaman said: “We are in Lord Shiva’s trance since we started this movie. Balakrishna is the Lord Siva of the industry. If Balakrishna is a Transformer, Boyapati gives perfect suspense effect to this Transformer. My career started with Bhairava Dweepam.”

Gopichand Malineni, who is to direct Balakrishna’s next film, said: “NBK is a vibration, it is an energy. Balayya is a mass god. I came here as a Balakrishna fan. I was locked in for the battle for Samara Simha Reddy tickets in Ongole. “Boyapati knows the mass pulse. The two films in their combination were huge blockbusters. Akhanda will be a much bigger hit. After the first lockdown, Krack became a big hit, and now after the second lockdown, Akhanda will be the biggest hit.”

Boyapati Srinu said: “I know how good movies are received. After Simha, Legend, it’s Akhanda now. It’s our hat trick movie in our combination. There’s no need to talk specifically about Balakrishna, you want to see his energy “In the theaters. I’m the cause of Balakrishna’s injury. He got injured while doing stretching to relieve body aches, which usually develop after heavy exercises. He did not postpone it and was ready for the recordings the very next day. It’s Balayya.”

Allu Arjun said: “The bond of Nandamuri and the Allu family has been there since the days of Balakrishna’s father NTR and my grandson Allu Ramalingaiah worked together. I grew up watching movies of Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna. I feel happy and it’s a sweet moment. for me to attend the event.Balakrishna is like a father figure in seniority.I know Boyapati before he became an instructor.He told me the Bhadra story but I had to make Arya back then.I have been observing his journey since he was assistant director.We delivered such a big hit.

I can not say much about the combination of Balayya and Boyapati. It started with Simha, then it went another level with Legend and it will be unstoppable with Akhanda. Thaman is in wonderful shape. I wish this movie would be Akhandamaina hit. I know producer Miryala Ravinder Reddy’s pain went through as the son of a producer. Pragya Jaiswal, I have known her for a long time. She is a very hardworking, disciplined and talented girl. I wish Srikanth would see a new era with Akhanda. I want to tell one thing about Balakrishna, he has become a star for two reasons. The addiction he has to movies and diction. No one utters dialogues like him. He retains the same intensity, even when talking about long dialogues. After the NTR, Balakrishna could utter dialogues with such intensity. There is no exaggeration in it.

There is always a soft corner for small movies. But OTT and satellite companies are saving small films. But because of covid, big movies face problems. Everyone says the cinema must win. After the 2nd lockdown, this is the big movie that hits the screens. I wish this would shed light on the whole industry like Akhanda jyithi. I wish Pushpa and RRR would be big hits too. ”

Balakrishna said: “I have made talk show for Aha. He is the son of my brother Allu Aravind. I am happy to have him here for pre-release. I also thank India’s CEO SS Rajamouli. Like how I started making a talk show, since I know many things, I should start a Bhakti channel.I wish our film Akhanda will have Lord Shiva’s blessings.

Akhanda was started almost 20 months ago. It will finally be released on December 2nd. I wish all other movies coming out after Akhanda would also be big hits. Alu Arjun’s Pushpa comes, then comes Rajamoulis RRR with thammudu Ram Charan and mana Jr NTR. Chiranjeevis Acharya is the second major film to be released soon.

I want both governments to expand their support for the film industry. Next time I will make movies with Gopichand Malineni and Anil Ravipudi. I want to make the same effort for every movie I make. “

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