Howard University says student protests have led to layoffs

Howard University said the ongoing student demonstrations in its student center have led to staff layoffs.

“#HUDAILYUPDATE We are saddened to report that the occupation of Blackburn has led to an unintended consequence for the HU community,” That is what HU said in a statement on Tuesday.

“Because the cafe is closed, some Sodexo workers have been laid off,” Howard University said. “We are committed to working with our students to avoid more consequences like this. “

A host of social media users have criticized or “ratio” the university’s response to student demonstrations.

“The fact that your coms people tweeted this out as if it’s noble to blame students says a lot about why things are uneven in HU … and not just with the uninhabitable dormitories,” MSNBC News columnist Anthea Butler wrote in a tweet.

“To the many alumni you’re embarrassed about and the financiers you’ve managed to get $$ from who will probably never think again, do not act like you’re Hillman College and correct this mess. , @HowardUniv, “she added.

“Howard – there are students sleeping in Blackburn because their dormitories have mold, rats and cockroaches in them,” The Guardian columnist Derecka Purnell said in a tweet. “You’re literally making them sick. And now you’re blaming them for firing contract workers who should be employed at the university anyway? Wow.”

The “Blackburn Takeover sit-in” has lasted for four weeks as students have staged a series of protests against the unbearable campus conditions they are forced to endure.

Students have also demanded University President Dr. Wayne Frederick and the board to resolve the housing issue.

Frederik also shared a tweet that he decided not to deliver his homecoming address to the school community this year due to the ongoing situation.

“While I have previously used the Homecoming weekend as a time to keep the state of the university speech, this year the event was postponed as the campus atmosphere was not suitable for an address of that kind,” Frederick said.

HU’s chairman wrote in a letter to the school community last week that he wants students to end their current obsession with the school’s student center.


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