How much is the cost of living in Metro Vancouver in 2021?

Tip: The level salary you need is higher than the minimum level.

A new report reveals how much Metro Vancouver people will have to earn to afford basic expenses in 2021.

On Tuesday (November 2), CCPA-BC and Living Wage for Families BC announced the 2021 living wage for Metro Vancouver and 13 communities and regions throughout BC

This year, the living wage for people living in Metro Vancouver is $ 20.52 per hour, an increase of $ 1.02 per hour (or 5.2 percent) compared to 2019. The authors of the report note that no action was taken calculation in 2020 due to the unprecedented disturbances in employment patterns. of the COVID-19 pandemic.

At $ 20.52, Metro Vancouver’s living wage is much higher than BC’s minimum wage of $ 15.20. The trend is seen across the province, where the living wage in all communities for which it is intended is higher than the BC minimum wage.

“The delivery wage is calculated as the hourly rate that each of two working parents with two young children must earn to cover their basic expenses (including rent, childcare, food and transportation) when state taxes, credits, deductions and subsidies are recognized. Account,” explains the report.

Across the province, the highest monthly increases were spending on shelter and telecommunications. In Metro Vancouver, housing costs rose 8.6 percent, making it the most expensive item in a Metro Vancouver family budget.

But the report also shows that recent public investment in childcare and other policy measures, such as the new BC Child Opportunity Benefit and the abolition of MSP premiums, have helped prevent a larger increase in living wages.

BC’s child poverty is above the national average, at 18.5 per cent. The report’s research shows that the hardest hit families are led by already marginalized wage earners, including single mothers, indigenous peoples and recent immigrants.

In addition to Metro Vancouver, 13 BC communities are releasing their 2021 living wage calculations.

  • Columbia Valley $ 17.18
  • Greater Victoria $ 20.46
  • Nelson $ 19.56
  • Comox Valley $ 16.44
  • Penticton $ 18.55
  • Kelowna $ 18.49
  • Revelstoke $ 19.51
  • Fraser Valley $ 16.75
  • Sunshine Coast $ 19.79
  • Golden $ 19.46
  • Nanaimo $ 16.33
  • Trail $ 18.15
  • Grand Forks $ 17.21

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