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Children ages 5-11 can now be vaccinated against COVID-19 with Pfizer shots after a committee of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approved the vaccine Tuesday.

Clinical trials in this age group showed that the vaccine was 90.7% effective in preventing symptomatic COVID-19 when fully vaccinated with two doses.

Safety data from the trials showed no serious adverse reactions related to the vaccine. The most common reactions to the shots included injection site pain, fatigue, and headache. Side effects were more common after dose two, usually mild in severity, and disappeared within a few days.

Here’s what we know about where the images will be available in the DC area.

Washington DC

DC officials announced in late October that the city was to receive 24,600 initial doses to be distributed to more than 60 pharmacies, hospitals and health centers.

Pharmacies such as CVS, Giant, Grubb’s, Safeway, Walgreens and Walmart, and clinics will be some of the first places where children in this age group can get the vaccines, Mayor Muriel Bowser’s office said.

DC will also hold pop-up clinics to distribute vaccines on the following dates:

Section 1:

  • Bancroft Elementary School, 1755 Newton St NW. First dose: 9 Nov.
  • Marie Reed Elementary School, 2201 18th St NW. First dose: 12 Nov.

Section 2:

  • Edlavitch DCJCC, 1529 16th St, NW. First dose: 7 Nov.
  • Garrison Elementary School, 1200 S St NW. First dose: 17 Nov.
  • Thomson Elementary School, 1200 L St NW. First dose: 12 Nov.

Section 3:

  • Ben Murch Elementary School, 4810 36th St NW. First dose: 13 Nov.
  • Janney Elementary School, 4130 Albemarle St NW. First dose: 19 Nov.
  • Palisades Recreation Center, 5200 Sherier Pl NW. First dose: 16 Nov.

Section 4:

  • Center City Public Charter School – Brightwood Campus, 6008 Georgia Ave NW. First dose: 9 Nov.
  • Dorothy I. Height Elementary School, 1300 Allison St NW. First dose: 8 Nov.
  • EL Haynes PCS, 4501 Kansas Ave NW. First dose: 18 Nov.
  • Lafayette Elementary School, 5701 Broad Branch Rd NW. First dose: 19 Nov.
  • Whittier Elementary School, 6201 5th St NW. First dose: 20 Nov.

Section 5:

  • Bunker Hill Elementary School, 1401 Michigan Ave NE. First dose: 18 Nov.
  • Center City Public Charter School – Trinidad Campus, 1217 West Virginia Ave NE. First dose: 17 Nov.
  • DC Bilingual PCS, 33 Riggs Road NE. First dose: 20 Nov.
  • Noyes Elementary School, 2725 10th St NE. First dose: 8 Nov.

Section 6:

  • Kennedy Recreation Center, 1401 7th St NW. First dose: 10 Nov.
  • KIPP DC – Lead Academy PCS, 421 P St NW. First dose: 16 Nov.
  • Payne Elementary School, 1445 C St SE. First dose: 13 Nov.

Section 7:

  • Friendship Blow Pierce Elementary & Middle, 725 19th St. NE. First dose: 12 Nov.
  • Kimball Elementary School, 3375 Minnesota Ave SE. First dose: 9 Nov.
  • Plummer Elementary School, 4601 Texas Ave SE. First dose: 17 Nov.
  • Smothers Elementary School, 1300 44th St NE. First dose: 13 Nov.
  • Thomas Elementary School, 650 Anacostia Ave NE. First dose: 19 Nov.

Section 8:

  • Center City PCS: Congress Heights, 220 Highview Pl SE. First dose: 18 Nov.
  • Excel Academy Public School, 2501 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE. First dose: 16 Nov.
  • Ingenuity Prep Public Charter School / Statesman Academy, 4600 Livingston Rd SE. First dose: 8 Nov.
  • KIPP DC Heights Academy, 2600 Douglass Rd SE. First dose: 10 Nov.
  • Patterson Elementary School, 4399 South Capitol Terrace SW. First dose: 10 Nov.
  • Turner Elementary School, 3264 Stanton Rd SE. First dose: 20 Nov.

Community groups in DC can also request vaccine pop-ups here.

In addition to the pop-up locations, Children’s National Hospital will offer vaccines to some children throughout the city via its mobile device, as well as its patients at its eight locations in the region.

MedStar Health also takes its mobile clinic on the go and goes to underserved communities in wards 7 and 8. It plans to vaccinate children two days a week.


Montgomery County:

Children can be vaccinated at county-run clinics, pharmacies and other providers. Residents can use Maryland’s vaccine locator to find a place that offers the vaccine or visit the county-run clinics and vaccine types list here. Call 240-777-2982 or email [email protected] for an appointment. More information can be found on Montgomery County’s COVID-19 information portal.

Prince George’s County:

Free COVID-19 vaccines will be available for children ages 5-11 at COVID-19 vaccination clinics, pediatricians’ offices, retail pharmacies and grocery stores, emergency care facilities, and other county health care providers. Go here for more information about the county’s clinic locations.

Frederick County: Clinics will be held in some public elementary schools in the afternoons and early evenings by appointment as well as at 800 Oak Street. Dates, times and links to schedule can be found here.


INOVA Health will hold a clinic at the Inova Center for Personalized Health in Fairfax, Virginia, every weekend beginning this Saturday, November 6th. The hospital said it will bring in therapy dogs and Star Wars characters to help children who may be anxious to get the shot.

Arlington County: Arlington Public Schools said they are working with the health department on plans to roll out the COVID-19 vaccine to students ages 5-11. “Once approved, we will inform the community about the availability of doses and how to schedule appointments,” the school system says on its website.

Arlington County Public Health expects to hold clinics and schedule vaccinations by appointment in mid-November.

Fairfax County:

The Ministry of Health said it will only give the COVID-19 vaccine to children by appointment. Pediatric and family medicine practices will also have the vaccine, as well as local pharmacies and the Tysons Community Vaccination Center.

Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s doctor to make an appointment. Families can go to to schedule an appointment at a local pharmacy or health department. Those interested in getting their children vaccinated at the Tysons Community Vaccination Center will be able to schedule their child’s time at

For more detailed sites visit here.

It is important that all children be accompanied by a parent or guardian to receive their COVID-19 vaccination, including at school clinics. As with all age groups, vaccines are free and insurance is not required.

Stay tuned to News4 for updates as this list continues to grow.


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