Here are some of the federal winners’ big winners and losers in 2021

Although Canada’s 44th federal election ended very much with the 43rd – with a narrowly liberal minority – there were changes in electoral fortunes across the country.

There were favorites without seats and dramatic endings. There were results representing potentially significant changes for the parties involved.

Here are some of the high-profile candidates who have been reprimanded in the polls, and some of those who surprisingly emerged victorious.

Significant losses:

Green party leader Annamie Paul greets supporters at an election night rally in Toronto on Monday.

Annamie Paul: The leader of the Green Party failed to win the race at the Toronto Center for the third time, amid lower support for her party nationwide. She had placed second behind Marci Ien in the fall of 2020 in the election for riding – but that support emptied Monday night with Paul landing in fourth place. Internal conflict within the party ruined public opinion up to the vote, Paul admitted during her campaign.

Bernadette Jordan: The Liberals lost Jordan as their cabinet minister for fisheries and oceans after she was defeated last night in the polls by conservative candidate businessman Rick Perkins in the riding of the South Shore – St. Margareter in Nova Scotia. Jordan was first elected to riding in 2015. Up until the election, Jordan had faced criticism over how she handled a call for native treaty rights to be respected in the lobster fishing industry.

Maryam Monsef: In another loss to the cabinet of the Liberal Party, Monsef was Minister for Women, Gender Equality and Economic Development in Rural Areas. She lost the riding of Peterborough -Kawartha to the Conservative candidate Michelle Ferreri.

Maxime Bernier: The leader of the Canadian People’s Party did not succeed for the second time in a row in getting a seat in the riding of Beauce. He lost to conservative candidate Richard Lehoux, who previously defeated Bernier in 2019.

The Liberals lost Bernadette Jordan as their cabinet minister for fisheries and oceans after she lost to conservative businessman Rick Perkins in the riding of the South Shore - St.  Margareter in Nova Scotia.

Big wins:

Mike Morrice: Morrice, a green party candidate, won the Kitchener Center ride in the early hours of Tuesday with about 34 percent of the vote. He narrowly lost the federal election in 2019 by 3,000 votes to the then liberal sitting Raj Saini. But Saini dropped out of the race too close to the deadline for the Liberal Party to replace him after allegations surfaced that he had harassed a female employee – leaving Morrice with a great opportunity.

Rick Perkins: Conservative candidate Rick Perkins defeated Liberal incumbent and Cabinet Secretary Bernadette Jordan in the South Shore – St. Margarets running in Nova Scotia. Perkins received 41 percent of the vote, while Jordan captured 37 percent.

Michelle Ferreri: Ferreri, the conservative candidate for the Peterborough -Kawartha riding, ousted the Liberal candidate and Cabinet Minister Maryam Monsef. That riding had long been considered a bell that the MP residents have always chosen has always been with the winning party at every election, except two in the last 60 years. Ferreri is a former TV news reporter.

Green Party candidate Mike Morrice won at the Kitchener Center.

Leah Taylor Roy: Taylor Roy took the battlefield back with Aurora – Oak Ridges – Richmond Hill to the Left in a close race, where incumbent Conservative candidate Leona Alleslev was thrown out. Alleslev had won the seat for the Liberal Party in 2015, but crossed the floor in 2018 to join the Conservatives. In 2019, Taylor Roy only needed 1,000 votes to beat Alleslev.

George Chahal: Chahal’s victory for the Liberal Party in the Alberta Riding in Calgary Skyview is bittersweet as he secured the party’s one spot in the middle of a sea of ​​conservative victories. However, the Liberals failed to capture a single seat in 2019, so Chahal’s success marks some improvement for the party’s fortunes in the province.

Joanne Thompson: As the Liberal candidate for St. John’s East in Newfoundland and Labrador turn Thompson’s victory what had been the only seat for the NDP in the province. She defeated the new Democratic candidate Mary Shortall, who came in second. Shortall had replaced longtime NDP MP Jack Harris, who represented riding in the late ’80s, then again in 2008-15 and from 2019 until his most recent retirement.

Parm Bains: Liberal candidate Bains for the BC riding in Steveston – Richmond East beat incumbent Conservative candidate Kenny Chiu in a disturbance. Chiu was elected as a Member of Parliament in the federal election in 2019. Another Richmond rider, Richmond Center, may also see a Liberal win in a close race, where all final mail-in votes must first be counted this weekend.

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