Green Party: Bristol Former Deputy Leader and Councilor Bid Green party

A former aide to Caroline Lucas and the leader of England’s largest Green Council group will run on yet another joint ticket to lead the party after the departure of its co-leaders Siân Berry and Jonathan Bartley.

Carla Denyer, the party’s candidate for Bristol West, where the Greens achieved one of their highest fluctuations in the last general election, will stand alongside former deputy leader Adrian Ramsay for the leadership, which is being contested by two other joint tickets.

Berry announced her resignation last month, citing conflicts within the party over transgender rights, saying it had been a “failure in leadership” on her part that the party sent “mixed messages”.

She and Bartley, who said he would run campaigns outside the party system, have led the party together since 2018. Caroline Lucas and Bartley were joint leaders from 2016 to 2018.

Ramsay was deputy leader under Lucas until 2012 and helped organize the Brighton Pavilion campaign, which led to her being elected as the first Green MP in 2010, and has been a councilor in Norwich, a city where the party became the largest green party. councilor group in England at the time with 15 seats.

Denyer, a former wind turbine engineer, ran against Labor’s Thangam Debbonaire in Bristol West and won a 12% turn to the Greens, even though Debbonaire still holds one of the highest majorities in the country.

Ramsay announced their candidacy, saying: “The time for action on the climate is running out. It is clear that this government does not understand how urgent the climate instruction is. We need a strong green party to ensure change.

“I return to politics because it is clear to me that it is our best way to ensure change by getting more Greens elected to positions of power. The Greens are currently in administration in 14 councils leading the charge of action from Lancaster to Brighton and Hove. But that is not enough. We are committed to making the Green Party a real electoral force across every corner of England and Wales. ”

Denyer said the political climate was “dominated by ruthless nationalism and cultural wars or a form of vague idea-free politics obsessed with image over substance. The perfect antidote is more chosen greens. We are committed to being the duo that gets a second Green MP to join Caroline Lucas in Westminster and our first Green in Senedd. ”

The pair face other common tickets in the battle for leadership. Tamsin Omond, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, which identifies as trans and non-binary, will stand alongside Amelia Womack, the current deputy leader. Martin Hemingway and Tina Rothery, longtime environmental activists based in the north of England, form the second pair.

The Green Party made record progress in the spring local elections with a net gain of 91 council seats in the local elections, bringing its national total to a record 444. The vote will take place in September.

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