Google Nest Early Black Friday Deals

A world of smart home accessories is growing every year, with a new idea and the latest iterations about staples. This segment is also warming up around the Christmas shopping season and Black Friday as discounts become available, which is ideal because so many of them are great gifts. If you’ve invested in Google’s Nest products at all – or are looking to dive in and test the waters – this week’s offerings have a number of options that you may want to consider carefully. Right now, there are significant discounts on Google Nest products at several retailers, including Best Buy, Wellbots, and more, which include smart speakers, video doorbells, home security, and smart screens.

First and foremost, and leading our range of Nest offerings, is the latest Google Nest Audio smart speaker. No other smart speaker sounds so good in this small form factor and at such a convenient price. This week, Nest Audio is available at the very low price of only $ 60 – making it a very compelling option as a solo speaker or paired with another device in stereo. It’s a whopping $ 40 off the usual $ 100 retail price, and you can pick it up at Best Buy, Target, Wellbots, B&H, or even the Google Store itself. Nest Audio comes in the colors chalk, charcoal, sand, sage and sky. Having options is nice, and having options for such a well-rated speaker is even better. Read our review.

Google Nest Audio

Google’s smart speaker with better sound quality than Google Home. Pairing two in stereo can provide a better experience while jamming to your favorite songs.

Google Nest Hub established its roots as the Google Home Hub, which debuted in 2018, and was loved for being such a convenient window to a shared stream of Google Photos images. It was renamed the Google Nest Hub and followed up with a successor to another generation. Now, the second-generation model has been a bit dormant in making major changes or massive innovations that really enhance the original formula, but it’s still a valuable digital picture frame and small smart speaker accessory.

At a discounted price of only $ 50, a full 50 percent discount on the usual $ 100 offer price, it is a valuable consideration for your home or the home of your loved ones. You can easily create a shared album on Google Photos and have your family members view the photos on the Nest Hub when they are uploaded to the cloud. You can pick one up in the available colors like chalk, charcoal, mist or sand at Best Buy, Target, B&H or Google. Read our review.

Google Nest Hub (Second Generation, 2021)

The second-generation Nest Hub is Google’s smallest smart screen with a seven-inch touch screen that automatically adjusts itself to the lighting in your room. What’s new in the latest version is its ability to automatically track your sleep patterns with its Soli radar chip.

If a Nest Hub seems a little cozy and you prefer to stay big, there is also an agreement on Google Nest Hub Max. Nest Hub Max is the big sibling to the standard Nest Hub with a 10-inch screen instead of seven inches and a larger speaker for more space-filling sound. Nest Hub Max’s fuller sound, built-in camera and larger screen are better suited for tasks such as video conferencing.

Nest Hub Max is currently on sale for $ 179, a similar discount of $ 50 compared to the standard Nest Hub. You can pick it up in chalk or charcoal colors at Best Buy, Wellbots, Walmart, Target, B&H or the Google Store. The smaller Nest Hub is perhaps the best deal when it comes to self-catering, but do not sleep on the versatility of a larger screen. Read our review.

Google Nest Hub Max

Nest Hub Max has a 10-inch screen and integrated camera for video calling. It’s Google’s largest and most complete Assistant Smart Monitor.

The latest version of Google’s Nest Doorbell is a smart video doorbell that is battery powered and can detect subjects automatically. As it is battery powered, it can work remotely with a Nest Mini to get an audible bell or connect to home wires to use an existing doorbell. On top of the elongated doorbell, a camcorder is capable of capturing 30 frames per second and recognizing objects for people, packages and more.

Usually $ 180, and announced right in August, the Nest Doorbell already gets a significant discount. This week’s sale price lowers the Nest Doorbell to $ 130, saving you $ 50 in any of its ash, ivy, linen or snow colors. Once again, you have your choice of retailers offering this deal: Best Buy, Wellbots, Wallmart, Target, B&H or Google yourself. Read our review.

Google Nest Doorbell (battery)

Google’s latest generation of Nest’s cordless wireless video doorbell has a high form factor that comes in several colors: white, ivy, ash and linen. It records 960 x 1280 pixel video, up to 30 frames per second with HDR and night vision and can record people, animals, vehicles and packages.

Google’s home surveillance offer does not stop at your porch and protects your packages. It has even more options in the Nest series of security cameras for indoor and outdoor use, many of which are newer additions but already available for exceptional deals this week.

Starting from the outside, Google’s outdoor Nest camera with spotlight is designed to monitor things outside the home – usually best suited to be placed above a garage door or next to a front door. It has object recognition like Nest Doorbell, and it can send a live feed to a Nest Hub screen inside.

The Nest projector camera is currently $ 50 off, which lowers the price to $ 230. This, as well as the following offers on Nest cameras, are quite exceptional as none of these products have been out for quite some time. Although you can pick it up for the $ 230 sale price at Best Buy, Target, Wellbots, B&H or the Google Store.

Google Nest Cam with projector (wired)

Google’s outdoor Nest camera has an automatic spotlight for bright lighting and object recognition. It can be tuned with routines to use just the right amount of light you need at the right times. The projector can emit very bright 2,400 lumens when needed and the housing is IP65 rated to withstand the elements. It requires installation with wired power.

When moving from outdoor to indoor / outdoor tasks, the standard battery-powered Google Nest Cam is also on offer, available as a standalone device or in a two-pack. If you choose a camera, the current $ 30 discount gives a $ 150 deal price. Or you can choose a two-pack for $ 280, which saves you $ 50 on the standard price of $ 330. Buying in bulk gives more value, and these lights offer the versatility of battery-powered use at home or outside.

For a single cam deal, you can get the $ 150 price at Best Buy, Target, Wellbots, B&H or Google. For the two-pack for $ 280, your options are cross-shopping with Best Buy, Wellbots, B&H or Google. The Google Store even offers a four-pack, if you really fill up, for a total of $ 560 – a whopping $ 100 off the usual $ 660 offer price for four cameras. Read our review.

Google Nest Cam (indoor / outdoor, battery)

Google’s Nest Cam records 1080p video and is battery powered for easy indoor or outdoor installation. For outdoor use, it is protected by IP54 weather seal, complete with motion detection and night vision.

Google Nest Cam (two-pack, indoor / outdoor, battery)

A multi-pack of Google Nest Cams offers versatility in numbers. Keep one indoors while it is mounted outside the home for outdoor tasks, or whatever now best suits your space. The versatility of these cameras makes them a logical choice to build a home security system that connects with the rest of the Google Nest ecosystem.

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