Frost warning, frost warning comes in the DC area when the temperature drops – NBC4 Washington

After a cool, rainy Tuesday, temperatures will drop to the 30s and even 20s in the DC range. A frost warning and frost warning are set to take effect overnight.

Storm Team4 says we can expect rain showers on Tuesday and temperatures in the 40s and 50s.

“When the clouds are clear, temperatures will drop,” said Storm Team4 meteorologist Lauryn Ricketts.

Freeze warnings are set to take effect at. 2 a.m. Wednesday for Shenandoah Valley, Upper Montgomery County and Northern Maryland. Frost advice starts simultaneously for DC and several suburbs. The alarms are set to end at 10 a.m. Wednesday. Go here to see all weather forecasts from National Weather Service.

If you live in these areas, it may be a good idea to protect sore plants from the cold and check outdoor water pipes and sprinkler systems in the ground.

Temperatures in DC are not expected to rise by the 50s all week. Lower will be in the 30s.

Expect sunshine on Wednesday and more clouds on Thursday and Friday.

A warming trend begins next week with temperatures in the 60s and dry conditions.

Stay with Storm Team4 and NBC Washington for more info on the weather forecast.


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