FOX Corporation donates $ 100,000 of food to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

Behind some of these smiling faces are grumbling stomachs. Many of these children worry about what to eat on the weekends.

That is, until FOX Corporation stepped in and donated $ 100,000 worth of food to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

On Fridays, the volunteers and staff – who flip the green shirts and masks – pack boxes of non-perishable items and then deliver the meals to children at two schools: Compton United’s Mayo Elementary School and LAUSD’s Main Street Elementary Schools. The children can then take the food home to their families.

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FOX 11’s Hailey Winslow caught up with one of the volunteers at the food bank.

On Fridays, volunteers and staff deliver these meals to children at two schools – Compton Unified’s Mayo Elementary and LAUSD’s Main Street Elementary, to take home to their parents and siblings.

“I have plenty of time,” said Kevin Daley, a volunteer. “I’m retired and I feel it’s a great way to pay back to the community to help people in need, and it also makes me feel good.”

The program, FOX for Students, feeds a total of 400 children and their families every Saturday and Sunday for an entire year.

“It requires an army of volunteers. It requires a community of support, and we’re just so grateful to see them light up when they get this food, because they know they need something to eat on the weekend,” he said. Los Angeles Regional Food Bank Chief Development Officer Roger Castle.

Castle thanked the community for providing the much needed help.

“We rely on private support. We would not be here if it were not for the generous support of individuals, foundations and companies in our community, so we really appreciate what FOX has done to ensure that these children going home on the weekends with food to eat, “Castle said.

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