Forrester, Ventana and IDC Recognize Salsify as PIM Leader

Forrester, Ventana and IDC Recognize Salsify as PIM Leader

Forrester, Ventana Research and International Data Corporation (IDC) recently released their product information management (PIM) analyst reports.

Salsify is honored to have been named a “Leader” in both the Forrester and IDC reports and listed as an “Exemplary” supplier – the highest category – and “Value Index Leader” in the Ventana Research report.

Each report examines a wide variety of PIM vendors within the space and rates them against a number of criteria, including core capabilities, integration, user experience (UX), customer service and support, scalability, and several others.

Learn about our positioning in the Forrester, Ventana Research, and IDC analyst reports, understand the evolution of PIM, and learn how Salsify’s PIM powers powerful trading experiences.

Forrester calls salsify a ‘leader’ in PIM

In May, Salsify was named “Leader” in the Forrester report.The Forrester Wave™: Product Information Management, Q2 2021‘, which Salsify called a ‘visionary and fast mover in the PIM space and commerce’.

“Salsify’s vision challenges many accepted truths in the traditional PIM world, with an emphasis on supporting multiple truths and looking at data quality from the outside to better enable commerce, with a broader lens than just product experiences,” writes Forrester.

We first appeared in the PIM Forrester Wave in 2018 and, after continuing with significant platform investments, Forrester notes that we have evolved “as a leader in the market”.

Learn more about why Forrester called us a ‘Leader’ and discover our biggest takeaways from the PIM Forrester Wave report.

Ventana Research calls salsify an ‘exemplary’ supplier in PIM

In June, Salsify was named an “Exemplary Supplier and “Value Index Leader” in the new Ventana Research market report,”2021 Value Index on Product Information Management (PIM).”

“Salsify’s rapid growth in PIM is due to its focus on the experience of product information and where it is shared across organizations’ demand and supply chains,” writes Ventana Research.

“In our Value Index market research that assessed Salsify and 15 other vendors, we found that the purpose-built PIM offering designed to support brand manufacturers in the multichannel and increasingly personalized era of digital shelf was best-in-class for its overall product offering, and was therefore classified as ‘Exemplary’ overall and in its combined product and customer experience,” said Mark Smith, CEO and chief research officer at Ventana Research, in the market report.

Read more about why Ventana Research has listed our PIM in the highest category and discover our biggest takeaways from this market report.

IDC MarketScape Names Salsify a ‘Leader’ in PIM for Commerce

In August, Salsify was named a “Leader” in the IDC vendor rating,”IDC MarketScape: Global Product Information Management Applications for Commerce 2021 Vendor Assessment.”

“Consider Salsify if you’re looking for a PIM built specifically for branded production to amplify your multichannel commerce experiences,” writes IDC.

The report also highlights our emphasis on syndication: “Salsify was developed with cross-channel syndication as a top priority, and its syndication capabilities set it apart from other PIM providers.”

“If we got rid of Salsify, we would have to hire 10 people to do the work that Salsify has automated for us.”
— Salsify customer, interviewed for IDC MarketScape Report

“If we got rid of Salsify, we’d have to hire 10 people to do the work that Salsify automated for us,” noted a Salsify customer interviewed for the report.

“Customers and partner organizations we interviewed rated Salsify best-in-class for ease of implementation. One implementation partner commented, ‘Of all the PIMs I’ve worked with, Salsify is definitely the fastest we can implement,’ writes IDC about the Salsify implementation experience.

Learn more about why IDC positioned Salsify in the “Leaders” category and discover the biggest takeaways from the IDC MarketScape report.

The evolution of PIM

The digital shelf gives shoppers an almost infinite number of options, making the competition equally infinite. But as the consumer world evolves, so must the tools businesses use to reach shoppers.

“With the increasing role of digital channels in customer journeys (including in-store and online as accelerated by the pandemic), rising customer expectations for more personalized content, and growing channel requirements for tailored data and rich media, PIM has come under the spotlight, Forrester writes in its 2021 PIM Forrester Wave report.

Similarly, IDC writes, “PIM software has historically been considered a back-office tool closely associated with the master data management (MDM) application space, where its primary purpose is to provide a gold record for product data… These next-generation PIM applications must be purpose-built for digital commerce.”

We’ve seen several consistent trends within the PIM space, all highlighting the evolution from a simple core data management tool to its current incarnation as the driver of multichannel commerce experiences.

With this evolution, syndication has also established itself as a now essential PIM capability, and non-data management capabilities such as architecture, integration, UX, and customer success have also become must-haves, all of which are reflected in the scoring methodologies across the three reports.

Salsify PIM: purpose-built from the ground up

“We’ve approached the PIM market with a radically different goal: to empower our customers to amplify and win commercial experiences across the digital shelf,” said Rob Gonzalez, co-founder and CMO at Salsify.

Source: Salsify YouTube

The enterprise-grade Salsify PIM is purpose-built from the ground up for multichannel commerce experiences.

By investing more than $50 million in research and development (R&D), Salsify has created a PIM that helps brand manufacturers manage product information in the multichannel and increasingly personalized age of the digital shelf.

Request a guided demo to learn how the Salsify PIM system can help your brand quickly adapt to new customer demands, market forces, and category-disrupting factors.


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