Former Senator Tom Udall is Biden’s choice as ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa

The two-headed senator did not seek a third term in the Senate in 2020. Prior to that, he served in the House for 10 years. The former senator noted that he sat on the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, “focusing on policies that promote democracy, international development and preservation.” He was also a former New Mexico Attorney and Assistant U.S. Attorney.

Earlier this week, Biden announced Jeff Flake, a former anti-Trump Republican senator, as his candidate for ambassador to Turkey. The president began his term with a large number of ambassadors around the world to occupy, and many key positions remain vacant.

Other elections announced on Friday include Caryn McClelland, the US Secretary of State for Economic Affairs in London, who was nominated for Brunei. Michael Murphy, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs, will be Biden’s candidate to serve as Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Howard Van Vranken, Executive Director and Deputy Secretary General of the Department of State in DC, is the President’s choice as Ambassador to the Republic of Botswana. All of Biden’s nominees are awaiting Senate confirmation.

In addition to the election of ambassadors, the White House announced Biden’s intention to appoint Laurie Locascio as Deputy Secretary of Standards and Technology at the Department of Commerce and Andrew Hunter as Assistant Secretary of Air Force, Acquisition, Technology, Logistics at the Department of Defense. The President also intends to appoint James Rodriguez as Assistant Secretary for Employment and Training of Veterans at the Department of Labor.

Earlier Friday, The Washington Post reported that Biden chooses Jane Hartley, the former US ambassador to France, as his candidate to be ambassador to the UK, but Hartley was not on Friday’s candidate list and her nomination has not yet been announced by the White House. .

CNN reported that at least two people, including former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who ran for the Democratic presidential candidate in 2020, declined the British position.

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