Fannie Bay Swim Classic contestant dies, NT police confirm

NT police have confirmed that a man participating in the annual Fannie Bay Swim Classic is dead, but say his death is not treated as suspicious.

Darwin Surf Life Saving Club president Ray Hall was in tears when he spoke about the incident.

“One of our committee members died of a heart attack while swimming,” he said.

Sir. Hall said attempts were being made to revive the man, who is believed to be around 60.

“He was pulled out of the water very quickly by our surf lifeguards and he got high quality CPR immediately in the boat and then brought ashore,” he said.

“We are lifeguards, we are very well trained for this kind of activity.

“He immediately received fantastic help.

“Unfortunately, our efforts did not result in a positive outcome.”

NT police say the death is not being treated as suspicious. (

ABC News: Laetitia Lemke


More than 300 people attended the event Sunday morning and swam a 2.1 km circuit from East Point to the Darwin Trailer Boat Club.

Before the race, organizer Stephanie Burton said about 50 security officers would be on the lookout for dangers like crocodiles.

“We take water safety very seriously in the dry season and there is less likelihood of stingers and crocs in the water,” she said.

“We have a huge contingent of water safety that this year is also the biggest we’ve ever had.”

Mrs Burton said there was also a drone and powered ships on the water to keep an eye on swimmers.

Swimming is a fundraiser for the Darwin Life Saving Club and today marks the club’s 16th event.

It’s Top End’s only ocean swim.


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