Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

The mother of Makayla Chang, a teenager murdered years ago, appeared in a Nanaimo courtroom with family and friends on Monday to hear evidence against her daughter’s alleged killer.

Chang disappeared in Nanaimo back in March 2017. Her body was found two months later.

Steven Bacon, 61, who was named a person of interest in Chang’s disappearance at the time, was eventually charged with her murder.

On Monday, Bacon appeared in the Nanaimo Courthouse on the first day of a preliminary hearing, which was expected to last until Friday.

But in a surprising move Monday afternoon, 61-year-old Bacon decided to forgo the rest of the evidence and go straight to trial.

It was a day Chang’s family and friends had been waiting for years, but only an hour into the initial investigation, Chang’s mother, Jan, left the courtroom in a hurry and did not return.

“It was super outrageous to hear what we have today because none of us have heard any of this before. So it was probably a lot for Jan,” said Cyndi Hall, a friend of the victim’s family and advocate. for missing women.

Media were not allowed in the courtroom on Monday due to COVID-19 protocols, and a publication ban on evidence and testimony at the preliminary investigation is also in place.

There were also two other notable people absent from the initial hearing – Chang’s father Kerry, who is currently in a Victoria hospital battling COVID-19, and Chang’s grandmother, Dolly, who died of cancer a few months ago. Dolly had been the 16-year-old’s guardian when she disappeared in March 2017.

“It’s heartbreaking,” said Kelly Boroski, who is Chang’s great aunt and Dolly’s sister.

Boroski took part in the preliminary investigation in Dolly’s place and carried an urn with his ashes into the courtroom

“She wanted closure. So we’re here to close,” Boroski said.

A trial date for his first-degree murder is scheduled to be set for November 15.

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