Eurostar customers boarding France are kept separate from other passengers

Eurostar passengers will be separated so that those traveling from France do not force them from other countries to quarantine on arrival in the UK.

The daily train from Amsterdam to London stops in Lille, so the operator has announced that fully vaccinated Britons joining the train outside France will be kept separate from those boarding Lille.

“In accordance with government guidance, we will apply a strict separation procedure between passengers from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels and those boarding Lille,” a Eurostar spokesman said.

“The former does not have to isolate itself on arrival,” they added.

Eurostar customers who no longer wish to travel may exchange their ticket for another date or require an e-voucher.

Customers who exchange their ticket for up to seven full days for departure only pay the difference in the ticket price.

Those who change their reservation within seven days of departure will be charged an exchange fee of £ 30 for a standard ticket as well as any difference in the ticket price.

Fully vaccinated Britons driving through France en route from an amber country like Spain or Belgium to England will still be considered arriving from France and will be subject to the rules of self-isolation.

The rules apply to “any fully vaccinated person traveling through France from either a green or another amber country to reach England”, the government council reads.

It was announced late on Friday that double-handed Britons arriving from France would still be subject to up to 10 days of self-isolation at home or in other homes after the rules were changed on July 19 for fully vaccinated Britons arriving other yellow list countries or territories.

They must also book and pay for a test on day eight PCR test along with meet the other rules for travel to England which include proof of a negative Covid test; booking and payment for one day two PCR tests and filling out a form for locating passengers.

They will be able to book an additional test on day five during the test to release the scheme and possibly shorten their time in self-isolation.

Concerns about the spread of beta, originally known as the South African variant, led to the decision to exclude France from the new rules for fully vaccinated British travelers.

The decision was “after the persistent presence of cases in France of the Beta variant, which was first identified in South Africa,” according to the government.

Existing travel exemptions remain in place for key employees, such as carriers.


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