ESNY’s State of the New York Yankees: A World Without Playoffs?

The brutal reality of a possible post-season without the New York Yankees could soon be upon us.

Josh Benjamin

At this stage of the normal season, we all expected very different things from the New York Yankees.

A playoff spot would be achieved as the cold beer flowed and shots were poured at every bar in town. The whole lineup would show that 2020’s underperformance was a pandemic-induced close. This 28th World Series title, but far from a sure thing, was definitely on the table.

Well, there have been plenty of beers and shots, but not of the festive variety. The 2020 season was no coincidence, but just an example of what one beat this season would actually be. The bats slept from the opening day, and here we are, knocking diluted Budweisers for $ 7.50 pints and wondering what could have been.

Oh, and forget the 28th World Series ring. At this rate, the New York Yankees will be lucky to get into the playoffs.

Literally, everything has to go as it should for the Yankees over the next two weeks for them to literally beat -one Wild Card location.

And in this writer’s opinion? Sorry, folks, but that’s not going to happen.

The New York Yankees can’t go up

As I write this, the New York Yankees are less than 12 hours away from hosting a weekend series with the Cleveland Indians. After winning 8-0 behind five home runs Friday night, the Bats fell asleep Saturday and Sunday as New York scored 22-4.

Remember, that was after the New York Yankees did what they were supposed to against the Baltimore Orioles earlier in the week. Even after losing the league final despite being swept away by a sweep, they still fared better than the smaller team.

Friday should have been more hopeful of a playoff push at the end of the season. Instead, it was a tease. Time and time again, these New York Yankees have failed to get through when it matters most.

And oddly enough, even though we’ve probably all cried for his firing at least once this season, manager Aaron Boone said it best at his post-match press conference on Sunday.

“We have to get better in a hurry. Period.”

No easy way out

I’m about to say something we’re all avoided all season, but now is too true to ignore. The New York Yankees can not afford more than one, maybe two more losses this season. The underachievement at the time is extremely disgusting and if you ask me, it’s hard to see this team make the playoffs.

Three games at home against one last place in the Texas Rangers is all the team gets for a tuneup series. After having Thursday off, the New York AL East glove is driving in the Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays and Tampa Bay Rays. The playoff consequences of each series speak for themselves.

And all the while the Jays refuse to lose and the Red Sox get the wheels back under them. The New York Yankees, on the other hand, are just waiting for some magic to happen, as it always comes in playoff time.

Except this year it does not seem to be coming to save them.

Final thoughts

If the Yankees go another tear and get a Wild Card spot, that’s great. They will have earned it.

But that does not mean that this season is a success. No, on the contrary, in fact. The New York Yankees were announced as serious World Series challengers and have instead been playing catch-up all year.

Although the playoffs are happening, this season has been a complete and utter failure. Clean, clean and simple.

Now let’s end strongly to make it stick a little less.

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