East Vancouver School reports potential COVID-19 exposure

A school in East Vancouver has been warned of increased risk from coronavirus

Another elementary school in Vancouver reports on a potential exposure event.

Between October 27 and 29, anyone at Sir Sandford Fleming Elementary School at 6363 Lanark St. have caused an exposure event, according to Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH). VCH issues such warnings when they believe there is “an increased risk of continued transmission of COVID-19 to groups of which they were a part.” It includes classes.

VCH does not say whether the person was a student or an employee.

This is the fifth such warning since the beginning of the school year 2021-22.

Several incidents of COVID-19 may have been detected in school communities, but a warning will not be issued if it is established that there was no increased risk of the infection spreading.

“If you have not been directly contacted by Public Health, please keep your student in the class,” says VCH online. “Children and adolescents remain at low risk for severe COVID-19 outcomes, but research has shown that lack of schooling affects mental health, social connection and learning outcomes.”

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