Dunes Rebecca Ferguson tells Dune superfan Stephen Colbert that she’s almost done reading Dune

Rebecca Ferguson, Stephen Colbert

Rebecca Ferguson, Stephen Colbert
Screenshot: The late show

“I’ve never been more excited to talk about a movie, ohhh, maybe ever,” Stephen Colbert said Friday Sent show, leaving Dune star Rebecca Ferguson a little annoyed, and Colbert fans might be a little shocked. After all, Colbert has during several showss and decades, made known his worshipful encyclopedic knowledge of another movie/literary franchise. Yet Colbert had no one else like the actor who portrays Lady Jessica from Bene Gesserit, saying to Ferguson: “People connect me with Lord of the Rings, men Dune is almost as important to me, ”called Frank Herbert’s legendary sci-fi saga,“ combed into my mind, my soul. “So no pressure, Ferguson, who mimed to get up and simply get off Sent show set against a grill from a high-profile superfan.

Ferguson did not need to worry, however, as Colbert was understandably uneasy about having the actor on The late show for the first time. After seeing an example of director Denis Villeneuves Dune (which officially premieres on October 22), Colbert was dead serious when he said of Villeneuve’s film: “I would say, for the record, this is my review, a perfect adaptation of this book.” When Peter Jackson fans left, staring at their television, Colbert Ferguson said her performance as the tough but contradictory mother of the possible messiah in the universe even gave a Dune nerd basically everything he could have dreamed.

Which should have reassured Ferguson, but as mentioned, much of her first segment was spent waving Colbert’s praise away as she knew what was inevitably coming. Mugging here sheepishness after Colbert’s eager question of how intimate the acclaimed actor was with Dune series before he was cast, Ferguson finally said, with a not-so-terrible resignation to Colbert, that she had no earthly idea of ​​what Dune was about when Villeneuve video called her about the role. “Did you read the book?” Colbert hurried to the chase, finally with Ferguson, who simply replied, “No, I did not.” (Colbert assured Ferguson her Lady Jessica, “There are so much more as you do!, ”after Duneis not-spoiled-by-them climax.)

Now no one knows why this week’s late TV has just been a long parade of actors revealing their ignorance of some pretty influential source material. But at least Ferguson, unlike The many Saints in Newark stars Alessandro Nivola, Ray Liotta, and Michael Gandolfini, had to do with a notoriously dense and jargon-filled tome, and not a TV series. And the star of The white queen, several Missions impossible, and Doctor Sleep was clearly fine with only now being “almost done” with Herbert’s book after filming the first in what Hope Villeneuve becomes a whole series of Dune adjustments. “Denis’ version of love, which he wanted to create, that was what I was on the receiving end of,” Ferguson said emphatically. However, she presented Colbert’s pop quiz, “What is Fear?”, Rattled the famous litany from Gom Jabbar with aplomb – even though she started along the most famous line. (Colbert gave it to her because she’s Lady Jessica, sir.)

And, fittingly for a lady with such power and grace, Ferguson told Colbert that she, too, had none of her co-stars’ high school, click-things on set. Without naming any names (Ferguson actually quickly gave up Oscar Isaac and Josh Brolin), Ferguson told Colbert that she defiantly put herself into the actors’ all-male bullshit sessions (probably all about stillsuits and what the Arrakis version of football is), ultimately carry them down to an inclusive group chat and tell Colbert that another co-star Jason Momoa got fat enough to borrow some money from her (which the film’s fierce bodyguard Duncan Idaho has yet to repay.) “Stars,” mocked Colbert, reassuringly with Ferguson , since, as he revealed, Brolin still owes Colbert $ 40.


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