Dr. Dre, will.i.am, Issa Rae supports initiative that would boost LA school arts programs

Exhausted public school art programs would get a huge boost under a proposed nationwide voting initiative put together by former LA schools suppt. Austin Beutner – with an A-list approval from the entertainment and music industry, including Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine, will.i.am and Issa Rae.

The initiative, if it goes on the ballot and wins voter approval, would raise an estimated $ 800 million annually for the benefit of elementary school students in 12th grade kindergarten with often limited access to music, drama and visual arts education. The official filing of “The Arts and Music in Schools – Funding Guarantee and Accountability Act” on Monday begins a lengthy process that includes collecting more than 600,000 signatures by April 26, 2022 to qualify for the November 2022 vote.

“This ballot will help define the promise of the next generation of storytellers by ensuring that all California students receive the high-quality art and music education they deserve,” Rae said in a statement. “It will especially benefit students from color communities.”

The initiative is one of several possible education-related voting measures, including one that supports public funding for private school education rooted in parents’ anger over the pandemic-related school closures.

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