Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

In a new indictment, the Justice Department has added a federal indictment of conspiracy to the case against Daniel Rodriguez.

WASHINGTON – A man in California who is already facing serious charges of allegedly using an electroshock device against a disbanded police officer on January 6 is now charged with conspiring with two friends to commit violence, according to a new indictment , which was published Monday by the Department of Justice.

Daniel Rodriguez, 38, of Panorama City, California, is now charged with nine federal counts of assault on the U.S. Capitol Building. These charges include assault on a federal police officer, obstruction of an official procedure, inflicting bodily harm using a dangerous weapon and now conspiracy.

In a replacement indictment filed earlier this month and not sealed this week, federal prosecutors say Rodriguez and two other people – his friend Edward Badalian and an unnamed co-defendant – used Telegram chat to plan to collect and bring guns and walkie talkies to DC on Jan. 6 to attend former President Donald Trump’s “Stop the Steal” meeting.

In a post in the Telegram group, called “PATRIOTS 45”, the DOJ says that Badalian wrote: “We need to remove traitors by force, and if they are in key positions, they must be quickly replaced by skilled patriots.” Badalian is now charged with conspiracy, obstruction of justice, tampering with documents and access to and residence in a restricted building or area.

In another post, on December 29, Rodriguez reportedly wrote: “Congress can hang. I will do it. Please let’s get hold of these people dear God.”

The DOJ also says Rodriguez told a person who testified before a federal grand jury that he would “murder Joe Biden” if given the chance, and “would rather die than live under a Biden administration.”

The day before the riot, Rodriguez reportedly wrote to the same Telegram group: “There will be blood. Welcome to the revolution.”

When the riots began, the DOJ has accused Rodriguez of participating in the assault on DC police officer Michael Fanone. Rodriguez is accused of using a flagpole and a stun gun-like weapon to attack Fanone while lying semi-consciously on the ground.

In an interview with WUSA9, Fanone said he remembers wondering if his four daughters would do without him when he was beaten, tasted and had a heart attack during the assault. Fanone said rioters grabbed equipment from his vest while he was being beaten and that he heard members of the mob shout, “Kill him with his own gun.”

The new indictment also alleges that when he returned to California, Rodriguez asked if he and Badalian could come to the home of the unnamed third co-defendant, where a fourth person – edited in the document – took out all of their Amazon Alexa devices. of the plug and mimed not to speak loudly. This fourth person then allegedly wrote on a notebook: “I WANT TO HELP YOU DELETE EVERYTHING AND TRANSFER THE FILES TO A SAFE HARD DISK.” According to investigators, the third co-defendant believed Rodriguez and Badalian were concerned because they had inadvertently used Badalian’s real name while calling in InfoWars host Owen Shroyer’s show. (Shroyer himself is now also facing unrelated charges in connection with the Capitol riot.)

In addition to the new charges against Rodriguez, a federal judge on Tuesday ordered the Justice Department to release video footage of his case showing him confessing during an interview with FBI agents. Rodriguez had previously struggled to get the confession thrown out.

In the videos, Rodriguez describes finding a sense of purpose by attending rallies for former President Donald Trump – and then his fears that President Joe Biden’s election would lead to Trump supporters like him being “rounded up”. On January 6, he said, he responded to Trump’s call to come to “fight” in DC

“I thought for some reason there would be fighting in different cities, and I thought the main fight, the main fight, would be in DC because Trump called everyone there,” Rodriguez said.

When Trump told supporters at this “Stop the Steal” meeting to go to the Capitol, Rodriguez said he followed the order.

“We thought we were being used as part of a plan to save the country, to save America, to save the Constitution and the election, the integrity,” Rodriguez said. “We thought we wanted to save America, and we were wrong.”

FBI agents eventually asked Rodriguez about his assault on Fanone.

“If I could go back … I would not do it again,” Rodriguez said. “But what I did, I can not regret … I’m ashamed of it, and I’m ashamed of it.”

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