Doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital Concern COVID-19 increase is more prominent among children

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) Doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital said they are treating more than 35 children battling COVID-19 as of Monday. They are worried they will see more children in the coming weeks as schools reopen in southeast Texas.

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ABC13 spoke with Dr. Lara Shekerdemian, the head of critical care, who said it is too early to say whether the delta variant is more aggressive among children, resulting in a more serious illness. Either way, she said it is clearly more contagious.

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“We’re very busy,” Shekerdemian said. “We have seen a real increase in COVID admissions over the last few weeks. There is no evidence that it is declining.”

Another doctor told ABC13 that he is really concerned about the trajectory of the COVID rise and what it could mean for health care in the greater Houston area.

“We’re really worried about what’s going to happen,” said Dr. Jeffrey Starke, Professor of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at Baylor College of Medicine. “If we get a flood of these patients like I said, it’s going to affect healthcare. If you think your family’s not being affected by COVID, that may be true if your family is doing well. If your family gets a For various reasons, for one reason or another, you may end up being greatly affected by COVID in terms of the services you can provide to yourself or your children. “

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The Texas Department of State Health Services reported 52,931 deaths per Monday during the pandemic. Its figures show that 59 people aged 19 and younger have died.

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