Do you want to digitize your SME? BanBajío offers credits of up to 30 million pesos for the technological transformation of your company

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Undoubtedly, the pandemic needs digitization in companies of all sectors and sizes. But not all of them managed to make the move, in many cases due to lack of resources. For this reason, BanBajio announced a strategic alliance with Microsoft’s digital SMB initiative, offer credits up to 30 million pesos for the technological transformation of companies.

Microsoft’s digital SMB program encompasses five strategic pillars: self-diagnosis, technology solutions, financing, training and development of digital native companies.

BanBajio , the fourth-largest bank in Mexico’s SME portfolio, acts as an honest ally in the financing part. The setting offers simple and rotating loans from 200 thousand to 30 million pesos , according to the needs of each company.

We are allies of Mexican SMEs”, said Edgardo del Rincón, General Manager of BanBajío in a statement. “We are excited to enter into this alliance with Microsoft as we see the opportunity to generate synergies to empower companies in their digitization. We are convinced that SMEs that embrace the digital economy more efficiently and effectively will be more resilient to market conditions” .

These credits will help companies Acquiring Microsoft Technologies , by Software solutions and computer equipment , until cloud services until automate their production processes . Everything about the . to drive digital transformation of companies and help them respond and recover in the post-pandemic economy.

For his part, Enrique Perezyera, General Manager at Microsoft Mexico , pointed out that the mission of the tech giant is: “to empower all people and organizations on the planet to achieve more.” He also indicated that “SMEs are a pillar of the Mexican economy” , as they represent 52% of GDP and generate 72% of the sources of employment .

“Today, more than ever, we believe it is extremely important to help small and medium-sized businesses. I am very excited about this alliance and I am confident that through BanBajío’s support and experience we will be able to drive business growth through technology” , said the general manager of Microsoft Mexico.

learn more about Microsoft’s digital SMB program, just visit his website , and if you are interested in BanBajío’s financing options, you will find all information on this link .


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