Didsbury mother targeted by viral ‘beaning’ trend as beans, spaghetti hangers and tomatoes smeared all over her house

One mother, who was targeted by a viral ‘bumpy’ joke, says the incident left her feeling ‘absolutely horrible’.

Her house in Didsbury was smeared with baked beans, spaghetti bars and chopped tomatoes after she fell victim to the bizarre trend that took off on the social video sharing app Tik Tok.

Pictures show her front door and porch absolutely covered in clutter – with the sinners also said to have left two camping chairs.

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Empty cans of baked beans and spaghetti hangers could also be seen left on her porch.

Initially, the mother, who asked for her identity to remain anonymous, thought she had been targeted by a burglary trick involving smearing food out the door to test if people are on holiday.

But CCTV footage appears to show a group of teens gathering on her porch before running away laughing.

Empty cans of beans and spaghetti hangers were left outside the property

Police are said to be investigating the incident.

“My front door and porch were smeared with baked beans, spaghetti hangers and chopped tomatoes last week, it was just awful,” she said, speaking to MENNE

“Bizarrely, they also left camping chairs.

“It made me feel absolutely awful. Me and my daughter were pretty scared because we thought it was one of those burglary tricks.

“I had to ask my neighbors to help me clean up the mess because I could not even step outside my front door.”

The ‘beaning’ fun involves young people smearing baked beans on people’s driveways, doors and cars – and filming it.

“During the afternoon, neighbors started giving me more information about people running by my porch and laughing, so I thought it probably wasn’t a burglary trick,” Mom said.

“We got footage from CCTV and it turns out it was a group of teenagers who had been to a party down the road and it was a lot of fun.

Bean juice was smeared all over the mother’s front walls

“At first I was scared, but then the anger set in.”

Countless videos have been posted on social media with the hashtag #beanbanditz.

The messy craze, which is also potentially harmful to dogs, prompted a local police force to issue a warning to retailers and parents.

Stores have been urged to look after children who buy large quantities of cans, while parents are urged to check their closets.

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