Corbin and King Restaurant Manzi’s Soho’s Seafood are on ice

Manzi’s, the upcoming Soho seafood emporium from the master of low-key luxury Corbin and King, will remain on ice until 2022. Co-founder Jeremy King wrote in his newsletter to customers:

“The problem was that there was a different point of view between us during the pandemic about the best way forward and what the prospects for London would be … We therefore agreed to halt development until greater security is achieved.”

In November 2020, the story was the same. King then wrote: “Manzi is still on hold – it takes a significant investment to complete, so we’ll wait to see what happens in the next few months before committing.” The proposed “Wolseley 2.0” in the city and a new Notting Hill site are also on hiatus.

The 200-acre deep-water revival of Bateman’s Buildings in the heart of Soho emerged in the spring of 2019 with planning documents describing a multi-level restaurant with significant outdoor space. At the time, King said that “Manzi’s is very much about ‘nautical’ themes based on being a Seafood / Pescatarian restaurant,” he added. “In the same spirit as Brasserie Zédel, we want it to be fun and affordable. The extraordinary thing about this place is that it is located over two floors in the heart of Soho, and yet has windows on both sides of the dining rooms. “

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