CNLP 444: Chris McChesney on how to help your team achieve breakthrough goals, get more involved and control execution

Chris McChesney, Global Practice Leader of Execution for Franklin Covey, helped pioneer The Four Disciplines of Execution, which thousands of companies around the world have applied to help them set and achieve breakthrough goals. Chris outlines a framework that will help your team engage more deeply and master the execution of your mission and goals.

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Plus, in this episode’ Ask me anything about productivity segment answers Carey Cameron’s question about Carey’s productivity thief.

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Insights from Chris

1. 4 Steps to Progressing to Your Next Critical Breakthrough

Chris breaks down The Four Disciplines of Execution saying that the intent of the 4DX is to execute on your next breakthrough, not a way to execute your entire operation.

Below is a brief description of each of the four disciplines:

  • First discipline: Focused on the all-important goal (WIG), you determine what is going to get intentionally disproportionate energy. Be very clear about the start line, the finish line and the deadline.
  • Second discipline: Once you have identified the target, start working on developing guiding measures. Define what is both influenceable and predictive for achieving results.
  • Third discipline: keep an attractive scoreboard. View both lead and lag measurements in real time.
  • Fourth discipline: create a cadence of responsibility. Each member of the team commits to doing something that week that will move the leading measures forward.

You can see more in the episode, or pick up The four disciplines of execution to apply it in your organization.

2. The CEO is not the know-it-all

In reviewing 4DX’s practices, Chris clarifies that while the CEO or leader has a hypothesis of what he/she believes is the next critical goal, the leader should not try to convince the organization of his/her merit. vision.

Instead, the organizational leader should spend a lot of time clarifying questions, being open, and providing feedback. Ultimately, the leader will have to make the final decision on strategic direction, but that doesn’t mean he/she is the know-it-all.

3. There is a human limit to ambiguity

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has unexpectedly hit many organizations. Ambiguity adds so many layers of stress to people. So, how can an organization adopt the 4DX and still remain agile in times of uncertainty?

Chris recommends setting new goals and new commitments. Make the new purpose feel like the only piece of sanity in an otherwise crazy life; the only thing that makes sense. Help your team identify what they’re winning at and celebrate the small wins.

Quotes from Episode 444


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CNLP 444: Chris McChesney on how to help your team achieve breakthrough goals, get more involved and control execution

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