Cleo Smith found: first pictures of smiling girl as Australian police detailed moment of rescue | Western Australia

A photograph of a smiling and waving Cleo Smith eating an ice bar in her hospital bed has been released by Western Australian police after the four-year-old was rescued from a Carnarvon house more than two weeks after she disappeared.

WA police said Wednesday afternoon that a 36-year-old man who was remanded in custody after Cleo’s discovery had not yet been charged, but they expected it to happen “likely” later in the day.

Investigators have said the man had no connection to Cleo’s family and that he was first suspected of the alleged abduction Tuesday night.

At a press conference outside the police station in Carnarvon on Wednesday afternoon, Commissioner Chris Dawson held up the picture of Cleo declaring “it’s a wonderful day”.

The photo was taken earlier Wednesday when Cleo was in the hospital where she had been taken for medical examinations.

She has since been discharged and is back with her parents.

“It’s a really special day for Western Australia,” Dawson said. “I’m just the proudest police commissioner I think in the world at the moment.”

Sgt Cameron Blaine, who was one of the four officers who raided the house in Carnarvon and was the one who asked Cleo what her name was, described the four-year-old as “very confident and open” to officers. He also said she was energetic.

“She’s a little Energizer rabbit,” he said. “Where she has so much energy, I wish I had. We would all take turns holding her.”

Blaine said Wednesday morning was “the best moment” of his career. He described the moment Cleo was reunited with his family and said the four-year-old exclaimed “mother.”

There were “big hugs, kisses and lots of tears,” Blaine said.

Supt Rod Wilde, who led the investigation, said Wednesday morning’s news came as an “absolute surprise” to Cleo’s parents, and “they were ecstatic”.

Cleo’s mother, Ellie Smith, wrote on Instagram around noon. 06.00 local time about his daughter’s discovery with the caption “our family is whole again”.

Dawson said chocolates and flowers had been left at the police station all Wednesday.

WA Police Minister Paul Papalia said: “If you feel the need to thank God today, thank God for the Western Australian police force. Cleo’s rescue was not the result of an accidental observation or a suspicious incident, it was the result of severe police mischief from it. the moment this incident began. ”

Police officers found Cleo around 6 p.m. tent in the early hours of October 16th.

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