Cleo Smith found: Body cam vision of Cleo being rescued released

Fantastic body camera vision of police rescuing Cleo Smith has been released.

The 12-second sight shows Cleo with her arms wrapped around a detective, while another senior officer, senior sergeant Cameron Blaine, speaks briefly to her.

“Cleo, my name is Cameron, how are you?” the detective can be heard saying.

He also says to her, “We’ll take you to see that you’re okay with Mom and Dad.”

Cleo can be seen smiling and nodding her head towards the officer, indicating that she is ok.

Earlier Wednesday It-Sen. Sgt Blaine said his shock at seeing the little girl alive and well in the room of a home Wednesday morning was quickly followed by an overwhelming sense of excitement.

“It just turned out I was one of four guys who were lucky enough to walk through that door and save it,” he said.

“Seeing her sit there the way she was, it was just incredible.

“It certainly looked like Cleo, I wanted to be absolutely sure it was her. I said ‘what’s your name?’ and she did not answer, I said ‘what is your name?’ and she did not answer again.

“So I asked her a third time and she looked at me and said ‘my name is Cleo’ and that was it.”

With Cleo safely in their arms, they took her to a police vehicle, where a family liaison officer was asked to call her mother Ellie Smith and stepfather Jake Gliddon and deliver the heartwarming news.


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