Chiefs vs Giants: Kansas City borders New York, but ‘everything is not beautiful’

Harrison Butker kicked a couple of field goals in the fourth quarter to lift the Chiefs to a 20-17 victory, their first win over the Giants since 2013.

Despite the victory, it was an inconsistent display from the home team, which was characterized by quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ performance.

The 26-year-old threw his 10th interception of the season and would have had another if it had not been canceled by a Giants penalty. Mahomes has now thrown an interception in each of his last seven games, a career-worst.

However, mahomes are not the only problem. The Chiefs offense suffered two more turnovers against the Giants, extending their league-worst record of giveaways to 19.

“Everything is not beautiful right now, but we are fighting our way through it. And it happens in this match,” Chiefs head coach Andy Reid told reporters after the match.

“Our guys fought, they did not give up on each other, they kept working their way through what could have been a time where you just raised your hands up and said, ‘Oh my god, things are not working out as they ‘supposed to work.’

“The guys did not. We will build on that. Let’s go on, I mean, they’re not giving these things away, and I think it’s important for people to understand.”

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Despite the poor performance, which included 12 penalties, the Chiefs still rallied to the much-needed victory at Arrowhead Stadium.

But given that the franchise was one of the firm favorites to win its third AFC title in a row this season, much more is to be expected from its star players.

“I think we will get out of it and find a way to start executing, and when we do, we will be a serious offense to stop,” Mahomes told reporters after the victory.

He added: “We still move the ball and do a lot of great things, but every time you turn the ball around or get a penalty and get pushed back, it destroys a bit.

“But I think we’ve done a lot of good things, but it’s coming down to execution in this league.”

Peyton & Eli’s Manning Cast

Peyton Manning and his brother Eli watched Monday Night Football, which won two Super Bowls with the Giants during his career.

The pair made some entertaining analyzes of the game, culminating early in the broadcast when Mannings was joined by former Daily Show host and Giants fan Jon Stewart in the first quarter.

“Can’t you make another Manning? How hard is it to make another Manning? You have this bayou quarterback breeding program down there. You keep making more Mannings. Make a pair for us,” Stewart asked the pair.

Peyton Manning wasted no time with an answer that made all three men smile.

“My father’s stud has really increased in recent years,” he laughed.


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