Chicago White Sox catcher Yermín Mercedes retires

Chicago White Sox catcher Yermín Mercedes retires

Yermín Mercedes, who stormed out of the gate this season and took over baseball in April in a timeless way, withdrew from baseball tonight in a certain 2020 way.

After flying out in his first bat and then grounding out to the pitcher in his second, Mercedes was pinned down by fellow catcher Nate Nolan in the sixth inning of Triple-A Charlotte’s loss tonight. Later, his Instagram account sent this message:

I’m not sure if this is just Yermín struggling to communicate in English in a difficult moment or some strange translation, but something certainly does not feel right about this impulsive decision, especially when one refers to his “immaturity” . Publicly, the White Sox have supported Mercedes, and the catcher hit .309 / .377 / .655 after his relegation earlier this month.

Reaction to this news that preceded earlier today with an Instagram post (presumably foreplay) in which Yermín stated that he was considering retiring. The abbreviated character of his “retirado?” posts made it seem maybe like more of a goof or joke.

Whether Mercedes literally announced his retirement to manager Wes Helms in the game, or his Instagram post came as a result of him being pulled out of the game, is not yet known.

The White Sox have released a statement in the game as follows:

After tonight’s White Sox loss, manager Tony La Russa offered encouragement for his young catch and told the media game: “As you probably know, if you pay attention several times [Mercedes] said how close we are. He knows I’m a supporter of him. So I reach out to him and see what’s going on. It could be that he’s just feeling frustrated … I’m going to try to explain to him that he has a great league future. ”

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