Samus Aran chooses not to speak in Metroid Dread, and that makes all the difference

Join game leaders online at GamesBeat Summit Next coming November 9-10. Read more about what comes next. Metroid Dread is a great game for its fast pace, excellent mechanics, and world design, but one potentially underrated element is the game’s characterization. Samus Aran, the hero of all Metroid games, returns to complete her journey in … Read more

Should tech companies be transparent?

How much of your data does Facebook really collect? What does Netflix consider when recommending movies and TV shows? Does Apple really slow down your iPhone on purpose? It is difficult to definitively answer these questions because we do not have all the answers. And we don’t have the answers because big tech companies like … Read more

In unpredictable times, a data strategy is essential

A global survey of 357 business executives conducted by MIT Technology Review Insights and Amazon Web Services shows that organizations of all sizes and across all industries understand the importance of becoming data-driven. Most importantly, they learned that a supportive and successful data strategy cannot be left to chance. Data value comes first The past … Read more

China could abuse internet security process to steal data, cyber experts warn

To access unsuspecting users’ data, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) could take advantage of a universal authentication process believed to be secure, but in reality isn’t, cybersecurity experts warned, though encryption is still the preferred method. to protect digital data. and computer protection — in some cases, the same digital certificates used for internet authentication … Read more

SEC says online brokers like Robinhood are gamifying stock trading, in a report on order flow payment and meme stock mania this year (Yun Li/CNBC)

Yun Li / CNBC: SEC says online brokers like Robinhood are gamifying stock trading, in a report on order flow payment and this year’s meme stock mania— – Wall Street’s chief regulator released its long-awaited report on the GameStop mania on Monday. — The SEC said that online brokers…

The Beatles land on TikTok and you can now officially use the band’s music

The account follows the individual accounts of its four members (from left), the late John Lennon, Paul McCartney, the late George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. Thanks to TikTok The Beatles finally have Come Together on TikTok. The Fab Four’s account, titled @The Beatles, appeared on the video-sharing network Friday. By Monday, the band’s account had … Read more