7 tips to share during Cybersecurity Awareness Month

https://bit.ly/3aFb2pi Steps individuals and businesses can take to improve their cybersecurity National Cybersecurity Awareness Month returns in October for its 18th year to educate and highlight the importance of cybersecurity. Headed by the Agency for Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security (CISA) and the National Cyber ​​Security Alliance (NCSA), the ongoing overarching theme is: Do your part. … Read more

5 PEO Services You May Not Know Exist

You probably know that a professional employers’ organization (PEO) can help you with allowances and salary administration. But that’s not all it has to offer. A lot of PEOs offer various services that can be just as, if not more, beneficial for your employees and organization. Below are five little-known PEO services to consider before … Read more

If you can’t find good employees it might not be a labor shortage – you might be – Evil HR Lady

There is a lot of complaining about staff shortages and a lot of jokes like the above, which points to the ridiculousness of the application process. The thing is, it wouldn’t be funny if it weren’t based on reality. Many companies have ridiculous application procedures. Maybe yours is. Or maybe you are looking for a … Read more

Bookmark this! Giving job candidates a second chance

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes The United States is the world leader in incarceration, according to The Sentencing Project, a non-profit organization that promotes effective responses to crime that minimize jail time. As many as one in three Americans has some kind of criminal record. Communities of color, LGBTQ+ individuals, and those with histories of … Read more

Using Personality Testing in the Workplace

In a tight hiring economy, employers and their HR teams are under pressure to hire the right people and engage them in their organizational culture. Using personality testing in the workplace can often meet both needs. As a recruiting tool, assessments can help you select better candidates and positively impact your bottom line by reducing … Read more