Are Stablecoin and CBDC the future of digital currencies?

Stablecoin and central bank digital currencies can provide the benefits of buying and selling with cryptocurrencies without the worrying price swings. Blockchain-driven transactions can benefit the e-commerce industry. Transaction fees should be low if they exist at all. Scammers would be confused. Even consumers without a bank account and credit card could shop online. But … Read more

How to take your eCommerce game to the next level with the right tools – CommerceNow 2021

As we’ve all noticed by now, the e-commerce landscape has seen continuous shifts and growth of late, driven by the expansion of new markets and the technology boom. Especially in recent years, because of the pandemic and the rapid adaptability of the industry. So it is more than crucial to stay abreast of the changes … Read more

10 Things You Can Do Today To Keep Black Friday Customers – Retention (2021)

How you take care of your customers after the purchase is key to retention after Black Friday. Their complete experience – from shopping to delivery – weighs heavily on how they feel about your brand. And that can mean the difference between an abandoned shopping cart or a long-term relationship. Shoppers expect personalization and convenience … Read more

Privacy Concerns Top Reason Buyers Flee Online Retailers | Privacy

By Jack M. Germain Oct 13 2021 5:00 AM PT According to new research, consumers would rather avoid brands than put personal data at risk. However, brands that handle consumer data transparently and ethically are best positioned to navigate and engage with this cautious consumer base. Shoppers’ dissatisfaction with online retail sites pinpoints to two … Read more

Example of successful PWA for online retail

Almutlaq Furniture: example of successful PWA for online retail Too little time? Receive a PDF of the blog in your email. Download now! Play now Almutlaq FurnitureBased in Saudi Arabia, , is a widely respected leader in the furniture retail business. It ventured into online retail in 2015. The company is leveraging technology tools for … Read more