Career Paths to Consider After Leaving the Military

Once you’ve left the military, you’ll need to find a new career that matches the skills you’ve learned. When applying for a new job, it can be difficult to describe your military skills when filling out a civilian resume. But there are plenty of careers that are a perfect fit for your military skills.

Government Contractor Jobs

Making the transition from the military to a government job may be the easiest career path. Working in the government is often similar to the military, and many of the skills learned in the military are necessary for government work. For example, you probably have exceptional communication and organizational experience, as well as teamwork skills. In some of these jobs, having a security clearance can be a big plus.


Some of the most in-demand jobs for those retiring from the military are jobs in the security industry. You have already received training to stay alert and react quickly, as well as many other skills required for a security guard job.

You may already have a clearance, which is usually good for two years after you leave the military. Some of the jobs in this field include gatekeeper, chief security officer, hospital security guard, or responsible for security at a large corporation.

construction worker

The construction industry will always be in demand for new employees. If you have experience or certification in the military with heavy equipment, you can easily start a new career in construction.

Construction companies are always looking for heavy equipment operators and specialized jobs in industry. There is a non-profit group called From helmets to safety helmets that can help veterans get started in a construction career.

Fitness instructor

Since fitness is an important aspect of military culture, the fitness industry could be a perfect fit for you. By more than 42 percent of Americans classified as obese, the fitness industry is one of the hottest industries in the country.

As a veteran, you are already used to physical fitness and know what it takes to get physically fit and stay in shape. Becoming a fitness instructor can be second nature to you and an excellent career to consider after leaving the military.


There is a high demand for jobs in cybersecurity and there is a shortage of skilled workers in this field. With the constant threat of hacking, viruses and ransomware, a career in cybersecurity can be a great career choice after leaving military service.

Even if your military experience wasn’t in computers, the cybersecurity industry needs people with traits you probably gained in the military. Traits such as discretion, ability to follow procedural requirements and attention to detail. Even if you don’t know anything about cybersecurity, there are veteran programs that will teach you and help you get certified.

Any of these career paths can be perfect for anyone after leaving the military. These industries are looking for people with the skills and attributes they learned in the military.

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