Can Texans, dolphins implement a Deshaun Watson deal?

Indianapolis Colts vs. Houston Texans

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The spirit is willing, but the flesh may be too dysfunctional.

As explained the other day, the question of whether Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson will be traded to the Dolphins depends on whether the two teams can find a way to land the plane. Watson’s legal situation becomes a complicating factor, especially since (as previously reported) the dolphins want the 22 civil lawsuits alleging sexual misconduct during massage treatments to be settled.

Simply put, the cases will be settled and Watson will become a dolphin, or the cases will not be resolved and he will remain seated.

As reported below Football night in America, the dolphins and Texans approached a trade early last week, and Watson was also working to settle the 22 lawsuits. The Texans got so sneezing about it and the price of a trade went up. Without any agreement in place, the Texans had the right to change the terms – especially if the Texans considered mitigating their claims based on the legal uncertainty. As the Dolphins and Watson worked to resolve the civilian side of the uncertainty, the Texans had less reason to give in.

The same dynamic could play out for the 22 plaintiffs. If attorney Tony Buzbee senses that Watson has the extra motivation to settle down because trade to Miami depends on a global event, Buzbee may put his thumb on the scales.

Progress had been made earlier this year on a potential settlement, in which negotiations broke down over whether the terms would be confidential. Watson wanted transparency, an unusual demand from the party that ultimately wrote the check. If Watson wants to decide the cases, he will probably have to give in on that point. Still nothing prevents Buzbee from asking for more money.

The biggest obstacle to a deal remains Houston’s demands. Maybe it’s just a matter of someone flashing between now at. 16:00 ET. Although the Texans bow, the dolphins can insist on some sort of term sheet or agreement of principle between the attorneys who handle the civil cases before pulling the trigger.

A lot of things have to happen to make a trade officially happen at 16:00 ET. It is reasonable to wonder whether these two specific teams have the ability to handle it all properly – up to and including a timely and appropriate communication of the final terms of trade to the league without accidental (or “accidental”) accidents that prevent both sides in inserting their keys correctly and turning them.

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