Britney Spears’ lawyer is working on Jamie Spears and the vultures on her payroll

By the end of this month, it is very likely that Britney Spears will finally be free from her conservatory. In September, a Los Angeles judge ruled in her favor, suspending the pop star’s father, Jamie Spears, from the legal event, despite his protests.

The 13-year ordeal, which was apparently coming to an end, was partly caused by her heartbreaking testimony over the summer, in which she described in detail the trauma she endured at the hands of her father Jamie, her legion of fans who launched the rallying cry of “Free Britney,” and the damning documentaries that painted a clear picture of what was going on behind the scenes.

But Spears’ powerful lawyer Mathew Rosengart also played a major role in securing Spears’ freedom and has promised that the dissolution of Spears’ conservatory is not the last step in bringing her nightmare to an end.

Instead, he has insisted on getting justice for the 39-year-old pop legend, shooting after Jamie Spears and anyone who may have played a role in ensuring Spears was kept under the restrictive legal system despite her prayers.

And according to recently filed court documents obtained by New York Times, Rosengart is already taking steps to conduct a comprehensive study of Jamie’s business as a conservator.

Jamie Spears had held on to the conservatory with an iron grip and constantly insisted that the event was in Spears’ best interest, all the while pocketing $ 16,000 a month from his position and taking home a significant percentage of all business deals Spears made.

But as the intensity surrounding Spears’ case grew, he made one about the face and submitted his own desire to have the judge remove the conservatory altogether instead of just suspending him. The sudden change of heart, Rosengart argued, was merely a tactic to avoid the very investigation he is now bringing, as Jamie reportedly was hit by a request last month for formal discovery and a sworn deposit.

Legal documents indicate that Rosengart wants to sell Jamie and has requested comprehensive information about Spears’ $ 60 million property and anyone who may have had their hand in the big pot.

In addition, he wants the 69-year-old to hand over a pile of documents regarding any communications Jamie Spears had with members of his daughter’s security team, household staff and her doctors, as well as coughing up any correspondence about Spears’ phone that was allegedly monitored. , and a recording device was placed in her room.

The 110-page archives make it clear that Rosengart not only goes after Jamie Spears, but all units that earned on Spears’ multi-million dollar property. He appears to be particularly interested in the role that Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group – run by Spears ‘longtime former business manager Lou Taylor – played in Spears’ property.

The 110-page archives make it clear that Rosengart not only goes after Jamie Spears, but all units that earned on Spears’ multi-million dollar property.

Rosengart will have to account for all payments that came from Spears ‘property to Tri Star, its current and former employees, as well as to determine if Spears’ property has ever paid for legal bills on behalf of Taylor and Tri Star employee Robin Greenhill, who worked closely with Spears.

Taylor is a friend of the Spears family who allegedly helped Jamie set up the conservatory. (In a denial of New Yorkers‘s report on Spears’ legal battle earlier this year, Taylor’s lawyer claimed she was “more of a listener than a contributor” to the conservatism plan.

Although Jamie hired Taylor as business manager for Spears ‘comeback Circus tour in 2009, she made media statements on behalf of the family, days after Spears was hospitalized in January 2008. Eventually, she became business manager for Spears’ property.

Tri Star appeared in court documents shortly after the #FreeBritney movement started in April 2019. Spears’ now former court-appointed lawyer Sam Ingham questioned Jamie’s decision to “change” Taylor’s compensation in December 2019, “more than a doubling” Tri . Star Sports & Entertainment Group’s minimum annual fee of $ 500,000, according to court documents.

Taylor abruptly resigned as Spears’ business manager without notice in October 2020, according to court documents filed by Ingham in November 2020.

# FreeBritney activists protest during a meeting held in connection with a hearing on the future of Britney Spears’ conservatory at the Stanley Mosque Courthouse on September 29, 2021 in Los Angeles, California.

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Aside from the financial part of Spears’ conservatory, Rosengart is targeting Jamie’s treatment of his daughter and requesting that he provide all documents regarding the monthly allowance he allegedly charged the singer, as well as any correspondence between himself and Spears during the course of the conservatory.

In addition, Rosengart appears to be taking seriously allegations that Spears’ cell phone was constantly being monitored and that there was a recording device located in her bedroom that requested Jamie to produce all correspondence with the security guards he had hired, as well as anyone, who work in Spears’ home.

These allegations were raised by Alex Vlasov, who worked for Black Box Security, the team hired by Jamie Spears. Vlasov was involved in the follow-up New York Times documentary Controls Britney Spears, claiming that the pop star’s phone was constantly being monitored and that her room had been tapped.

While Taylor is hardly mentioned in any of the Times docs, Greenhill is in the second part, which was released shortly before the hearing in September. Vlasov claims that his boss, Edan Yemini, president of Black Box Security, would routinely ask him to encrypt messages that Spears had sent so he could hand over this communication to Jamie and Greenhill.

“They talked openly about monitoring her,” Vlasov says in the documentary. “Their reasons for surveillance were to look for bad influences, to look for potential illegal activity that could happen. But they [would] also monitor conversations with her friends, with her mother, with her lawyer Sam Ingham. “

Although Spears may finally be out of the conservatory at his next court hearing on November 12, it is clear that Rosengart believes that justice will not be served until Jamie Spears is fully investigated.


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