Brexit news live: Recent updates as EU says “genuine urgency” required to resolve NI protocol series

Ryanair looks red over Britain’s traffic light system for travel

The EU has said there is still a “really urgent need” to resolve a dispute with Britain over the operation of the Northern Ireland Protocol following talks between Lord Frost and Maros Sefcovic in Brussels on Friday.

Although the bloc acknowledged that some “progress” had been made in the discussions, it said Britain should accept its “major step” to reduce control of the Irish Sea.

“We now have to push and get this crucial issue across. This is a real test of political goodwill,” Brussels said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Britain’s Brexit minister Lord Frost stated that “significant changes” were still needed with regard to post-Brexit events in the territory. He did not rule out that London triggered Article 16 to achieve its purpose.

Both sides have clashed over the level of customs control and the supervisory role played by the European Court of Justice in the province.

Elsewhere, Ryanair has confirmed it will leave the London Stock Exchange next month, citing spending caused by Brexit.


“Really urgent,” the EU said

The EU has said it is still “urgent” to resolve a post-Brexit order on the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Although the bloc acknowledged that “progress” had been made today with issues such as tariffs, it added that the dispute needed to be sorted out quickly.

“We now need to push and get this crucial issue across. This is a real test of political goodwill. The EU, for its part, is convinced that our proposed solution, which addresses all the concerns raised by the industry, will bring the much-needed clarity and create a positive political momentum, “the bloc said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Britain’s Brexit minister Lord Frost said Britain still wanted “a significant change from the current situation” on the ground in Northern Ireland.

“If no such solution can be found, we remain prepared to use the protection provisions of Article 16, which is a legitimate resort under the Protocol, so that the government can live up to its responsibilities to the people of Northern Ireland,” he said.

The couple will be in London next week on November 26.

Rory Sullivan19 November 2021 15:18


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Britain and the EU must improve relations, says Taoiseach

Britain and the EU must “turn the corner” in their Brexit feud and improve their relations, Taoiseach has said.

Micheal Martin told reporters in Cardiff that the first step in this process would be to resolve issues related to the operation of the protocol.

“Inevitably, there will be a long period of adaptation and change,” he said.

“There is now a need to turn the corner in the relationship. And by that I mean that the macro-geopolitical issues are such that we need the EU and the United Kingdom to be in line and work together on the big issues that are affecting the planet. “

Martin added that the alliance between the US, the EU and the UK at Cop26 promised well. “It is the spirit that should inform our approach in the form of a lasting constructive relationship between Europe and the UK in the future,” said the Irish leader.

Rory Sullivan19 November 2021 14:41


Sturgeon welcomes Gove’s comments on the NI protocol

Scotland’s Prime Minister has welcomed Michael Gove’s proposal that Britain is unlikely to trigger Article 16.

Nicola Sturgeon said she was pleased the government is now focused on “getting a decision”.

“For my part, I think there are credible and serious proposals on the table, and if there is a political will and a desire to find agreement, then it should be possible,” she added.

Rory Sullivan19 November 2021 14:20


Labor says Javid has stock options in health AI

Sajid Javid is facing scrutiny for having stock options in a technology company that provides artificial intelligence (AI) software to the healthcare sector.

The health secretary was also paid the equivalent of more than £ 150,000 a year by the California firm from October last year to June, when he re-entered the cabinet.

Labor questioned whether he has broken the ministerial law because he still has an “option for 666.7 ordinary shares a month,” according to MPs’ register of interests.

Sir. Javid reports that these options are worth around £ 45,000, but is said to have started the divestment process after taking over the job as health secretary earlier this year.

Vice Labor leader Angela Rayner claimed it was a “clear conflict of interest and breach of ministerial law” and wrote a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s adviser on ministerial interests, Lord Geidt, to raise her concerns.

“In September, the Secretary of State’s department announced that the use of ‘artificial intelligence’ would shorten waiting lists in our NHS,” she said.

“The National Board of Health and Social Affairs announces that they want to spend the taxpayers’ money on [AI] clearly could be perceived as beneficial to one [AI] company, and to the value of shares in one [AI] company like “

She pointed to the section of the Ministerial Act which states that ministers “must carefully avoid any danger of an actual or perceived conflict of interest” between their role and their private economic interests.

Lamiat SabinNovember 19, 2021 at 14.00


Politics talk show host Andrew Marr is leaving the BBC

Andrew Marr has announced that he will end his political talk show on the BBC and move to Global in the new year.

The host of the Andrew Marr Show on BBC One, where politicians have been interviewed on a weekly basis for 16 years, said he was “eager to get my own vote back”.

He has been with the BBC for 21 years in total.

Global tweeted that Mr Marr will present new shows on LBC radio and ClassicFM, a new weekly podcast, and will also write a regular column for LBC’s website.

Lamiat SabinNovember 19, 2021 1:40 PM


Left-wing freedom of speech ‘not negotiable’ – Dorries said

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has had to remind Culture Minister Nadine Dorries that left-wing people have the right to freedom of expression.

It comes after the Tory MP had complained that she was unable to air her right-wing views on social media without being criticized.

Johnson’s spokesman said: “The Prime Minister supports the idea of ​​independent thinking and intellectual freedom and that it should not be negotiable.”

Our policy correspondent Jon Stone has the whole story

Lamiat Sabin19 November 2021 13:21


Britain and the EU are taking a ‘constructive approach’ to Brexit disagreement, Gove says

Micheal Gove returns to Brexit again and is convinced that Britain does not need to trigger Article 16.

In a speech in Cardiff, the housing minister said the EU and the UK government were taking a “constructive approach” to a disagreement over the protocol.

“I believe that there is a constructive approach that the Commission has chosen, and Lord Frost has signaled that while it is of course always possible that Article 16 may require to be invoked, we are convinced that we will be in able to make progress without it. “

Rory Sullivan19 November 2021 12:59


The government is working ‘extremely closely’ with French on the canal crossing

Downing Street has said the government is working “extremely closely” with French authorities to reduce the number of migrant boats crossing the canal.

However, a No. 10 spokesman added that more needed to be done and that “shared solutions” were needed.

“We are facing a global migration crisis choreographed by organized criminal groups who are putting people on these boats to sail these incredibly dangerous crossings,” they added.

Rory Sullivan19 November 2021 12:44


‘Significant gaps’ remain between the UK and the EU in terms of protocol, Frost says

Prior to his crunchy negotiations with the Vice-President of the European Commission in Brussels, Lord Frost warned that “significant gaps” still exist between Britain and the EU’s positions on the protocol.

Once again, he also reiterated the possibility that Britain could trigger Article 16.

“Our preference is to see if we can find a negotiated way through this problem. If we can not, Article 16 remains on the table,” he said.

“There are a number of issues that need to be addressed if we are to address this issue. There are still quite significant gaps between us.”

Lord Frost added that he did not expect a breakthrough today.

Rory Sullivan19 November 2021 12:28

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