Bowser pleads guilty to Nintendo Switch hacking case

Nintendo Switch hack creator Gary Bowser has pleaded guilty in a criminal case brought by federal prosecutors last year. Bowser was arrested in 2020 along with French citizen Max Louarn for leading the group of Nintendo Switch hackers known as Team Xecuter.

Last week, he pleaded guilty in a Seattle court, according to documents obtained by Torrent Freak. Bowser, who is Canadian and has no relationship with Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser (or the Mushroom Kingdom villain), admitted to having participated in the scheme of creating and distributing tools designed to hack Nintendo Switch consoles. His customers would then use the tools to get Nintendo Switch games for free.

The request agreement described Bowser’s role in marketing these devices and distributing them to retailers, for which he said he was paid up to $ 1,000 a month. The request agreement also says that Team Xecuter “generated at least tens of millions of dollars” by selling the hacking devices, including a custom operating system that got players around Nintendo’s security features.

With the two guilty pleas, Bowser has agreed to pay $ 4.5 million to Nintendo in compensation and continue to cooperate with ongoing investigations into Team Xecuter. If he meets those conditions, the remaining nine charges will then be dropped.

This case is separate from the civil lawsuit Nintendo brought against Bowser earlier this year, alleging copyright infringement related to Nintendo Switch hacking devices. Nintendo at the time described Team Xecuter as “an international pirate ring.” That case is still active. Nintendo is seeking compensation of $ 2,500 for each device traded, as well as $ 150,000 for each copyright infringement.

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